Edible Flowers Compound Butter Recipe

Compound butter is one of the easiest ways to dress up any menu quickly. Though making compound butter can take some preparation and planning, the results are worth it, as you’ll have a gourmet-inspired ingredient that you can swipe on top of salmon filets and steaks, or brush onto dinner rolls. Even a simple piece of toast served midweek can be elevated by slathering an herby, seasoned roasted garlic butter onto its surface. For an extra elegant appearance, take your homemade compound butter creations to new levels with the aesthetically pleasing addition of edible flowers. Flowers add bursts of color and joy to your seasoned logs of butter. And with many types of edible flowers to choose from, you can tailor your presentations to match holiday themes, special events, and seasonal celebrations.

You can incorporate flowers and leaves directly into compound butter mixtures or set petals on top of your finished rolls of butter. As with using any edible flower, look for those that are free of chemicals and pesticides, and wash them before using them in your kitchen. Keep in mind that edible flowers can offer a range of appearances and tastes, so it’s best to pair colorful petals and buds to match the flavors of your butter. From sprinkles of herb flowers such as chive, thyme, or rosemary, to floral flavors like lavender, or the earthy and spicy addition of nasturtium flowers, you can get creative when making butter to stock in your fridge. 

The prettiest butter you ever did see

bowl of edible flowers

You could start by adding a half cup of rose petals to one pound of butter. Then, to turn up the flavor dial of rose, consider adding a splash of rose water to your buttery mix. Pink and red wax begonia petals can be a showy finish to brighten up compound butter set onto a dinner table, and the refreshing taste of borage flowers also brings a beautiful blue hue to your buttery creations. Set petals on top of whole rolls of butter, or slice compound butter into individual discs before crowning each piece with separate floral garnishes.

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While these special presentations are sure to attract admiring glances from dinner-party guests — and plenty of attention on the socials — the pretty touch needn’t be saved only for a special occasion. Seeing stunning floral butter at the breakfast table can set you up for a day in which beauty takes center stage, even if the flowery pieces are simply used to top stacks of morning pancakes. 

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