Delicious Stracciatella Toast Topping Recipe

There’s no set rule for what constitutes a good toast. With a never-ending array of ingredients to choose from, it can be as simple or elaborate as you want. All that matters at the end of the day is how well it caters to your personal taste. For those who fancy a creamy toast and don’t feel like going for the usual choices, stracciatella cheese is the answer. Even though it’s just one ingredient, the transformative power is incredible, taking your humble toasts to new heights with little to no effort.

For those who don’t know, stracciatella is an Italian cheese (not to be mistaken with the soup or the gelato) made by stretching fresh mozzarella and pulling it into fine shreds that are then soaked in fresh cream. As a result, it’s incredibly buttery, silky, and lusciously creamy with a delicate tanginess and milky taste. Going over crispy toasted bread, its creaminess spreads decadently, laying the perfect base for just about anything to pile on. This delightful textural contrast unfolds like a dream on your taste buds. Adding to that is the flavor-enhancing magic the cheese brings. It’s just soft enough not to overpower the remaining ingredients while still shining on its own, giving the dish a unique dimension.

Different ways to have fun with stracciatella toast

A bowl of stracciatella cheese

The stracciatella cheese should be kept at room temperature for around 15 minutes prior to serving. This will ensure its taste and texture are at their best when you finally enjoy the dish. For a French baguette slice, about half a cup should be enough to cover it. Ideally, you’d want it to fully cover the surface of the bread slice and for there to be enough to cushion the remaining toppings as well.

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As for the toppings, both sweet and savory will do. Those who like their toasts sweet will adore having jam over the cheesy layer or topping it with sweet fruits like peaches, strawberries, or avocados. Crushed nuts are also marvelous, so if you have some pistachios or walnuts sitting around, make the most of them. Once you’re done, just drizzle in some honey to seal the deal!

In the savory realm, the possibilities are endless. Anchovies, ham, prosciutto, sausage, and bacon are all fantastic, especially since some of them also add a sensational smoky undertone. If you don’t want meat, browning veggies will also work. With olive oil, butter, seasonings, and a few minutes on the skillet, they will offer a savory richness and umami taste that’s utterly enticing. They could be anything you want, from mushrooms, leeks, and radicchio to cherry tomatoes and the like. Finish it up with fresh herbs or a drizzle of vinegar and you’ve got a perfectly luxurious treat on the plate.

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