Nduja Taco Filling Recipe: A Spicy Twist on Traditional Tacos

Tacos’ never-ending allure can be attributed mainly to their fillings and versatility. Sure, there are a couple of classic recipes that you keep coming back to, but with a vast array of taco ingredients to mix and match, a limit hardly exists. The next time Taco Tuesday rolls around and you’re in the mood for something fun and different, ‘nduja is the special twist to try out. This spicy, spreadable Italian sausage is not your typical taco filling, and that’s what makes it so intriguingly good.

‘Nduja sausage is a unique mix of cured pork, pork fat, Calabrian chilies, herbs, and spices. As you can tell from the diverse list of ingredients, it’s certainly not short on flavors. At the forefront is a vibrant spiciness that melds into the meaty base. Chiming in the back are smoky, herby, and savory nuances, all of which make for a complex flavor profile. In tacos, it brings a tongue-tingling, fiery heat that sparks excitement from the very first bite. Needless to say, in a dish where boldness is much-appreciated, ‘nduja fits right in.

The fascination only continues as the ‘nduja sausage melts into the remaining taco ingredients. Texture-wise, it has a buttery, almost pâté-like softness, so you can spread and coat it onto any of the usual fillings. This creates a seamless flavor integration, as well as a downright satisfying mouthfeel.

Do what you want with the ‘nduja sausage

Nduja sausage on chopping board

Generally speaking, ‘nduja doesn’t require any cooking before being added to your tacos. Simply slathering it onto the tortillas as a spicy base will also do. Thanks to the spreadable and silky consistency, it can be also used like a sauce when piled onto the tacos’ fillings. They could be all the things you typically use in regular tacos, such as vegetables, legumes, cheese, and proteins.

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That said, you can also incorporate it into the main ingredients as you’re cooking them. Got a pot of tomato sauce simmering on the stove? Add a bit of ‘nduja for an elevated, captivating taste. When you’re searing your ground beef or roasting the vegetables, add it alongside the spices and condiments, then stir to evenly coat. For an easy start, try it with our easy ground beef street taco recipe or pop some into the pan with the meat in this Cuban-style piccadillo taco. However, keep in mind that ‘nduja can be quite intense and easily overpowering, so you won’t need more than a few tablespoons.

Branching out a little, but on similar lines, chorizo makes another magnificent pairing for folks who like a prominent smoky, savory taste. If you’re making scrambled eggs, mash the sausage on the pan first, then add the egg and proceed as usual. With a few slices of avocados and a sprinkle of cheese crumbles, you’ve got a gorgeous breakfast taco to help kickstart the day on the right note.

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