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New Dips for Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell has teamed up with the condiment king Kraft Heinz to release a new batch of delicious dips this month as part of the new Taco Bell Cravings Dip lineup, according to a statement shared with Look. There are three flavors set to be released: Creamy Crunch-Dip Supreme, Spicy Bean Dip, and Saucy Mexican Style Pizza. The last sauce on the list shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it wasn’t that long ago that we discovered just how much Taco Bell consumers love the chain’s Mexican Pizza. 

When Taco Bell discontinued it back in 2020, the outcry was practically deafening. A massively popular grassroots petition to get Mexican Pizza back on Taco Bell’s menu ultimately prevailed in 2022, and the company is continuing to cater to its Mexican Pizza fans with this new dip flavor. For anyone who loves cooking at home but craves the classic Taco Bell taste, this new dip is a great way to spice up your homemade Mexican pizza.

The Cravings Dip lineup will initially be available only on Amazon, though the company has plans to distribute them to select retailers across the country over the coming months. These aren’t the first grocery store offerings Taco Bell has released, and from the looks of it, we can expect to see these new products joining the same shelves that previous products have paved the way for. At the time of publication, none of the dips are available yet either online or in-store, so keep your eye out for when they do arrive in the next couple of weeks.

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Taco Bell’s new Cravings Dips are a flavorful sign of the times

Taco Bell Saucy Mexican Style Pizza Cravings Dip jar

The fast food world is currently undergoing a fairly significant shift in where it focuses its attention, and sauces are a primary new focal point. Restaurants are under the impression that a new, younger crowd is looking for fresh ways to spice up old menu items. Research suggests that Gen Z prefers to personalize their meals with sauces they can add themselves, as opposed to exploring an expanded menu full of additional options.

Downstream from the industry’s expansion of its sauces is the closely related phenomenon of grocery store products. In the past few years, fast food chains have begun to expand their way onto grocery store shelves as a way to capitalize on the trend toward more home cooking as people look for ways to reduce their unnecessary spending. With all the effort that the companies have put into their sauces, it makes sense that they would find their way into grocery stores eventually, but the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic combined with a less favorable economy have only further incentivized the move.

Taco Bell and Kraft Heinz are quickly becoming consistent partners in this effort. In January of this year, Taco Bell and Kraft Heinz debuted two Cravings Kits, which allowed hungry folks to create the iconic Crunchwrap Supreme and Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla at home. With the addition of this new Cravings Dip lineup, the portfolio of the collaboration is really starting to come together as a cohesive brand. We’re excited to see what the team comes up with next.

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