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Pickle-Infused Dr Pepper Becomes Viral TikTok Drink

From whipping up ice cream fruit roll ups to making pancakes in the air fryer, there are a number of TikTok food hacks that are actually worth trying — and now there’s another one gaining popularity. The newest TikTok trend involves giving Dr Pepper a vinegary twist with pickles.

While Sonic pickles seem like they would be better suited on one of the chain’s famed burgers, the internet claims that the drink is perfectly refreshing for the summer. The trend kicked off with TikTok user Mississippi Memaw trying out the now viral drink. A few slices of briny dill pickles from Sonic swirled around into Dr Pepper is said to bring out the sweet flavors from the soda’s closely guarded ingredient lists. This isn’t the first pickle-flavored drink to be associated with the chain. In 2018, pickle juice slushies from Sonic were released, available as a syrup to add to your favorite slushies, as well as sundaes and shakes.

While Sonic has since shuttered that offering, fans have seemingly created its spiritual successor with the pickle Dr Pepper drink. Searches and views for the term have skyrocketed on TikTok, with the fast food chain saying requests for the drink have risen. Even if you don’t have a Sonic near you, the drink is fairly easy to replicate. All you need are some dill pickles, a can of Dr Pepper, and ice. Add around four to six pickles to the soda and give it a stir before drinking.

How can you spruce up a pickle Dr Pepper drink?

Dr Pepper in three glasses

With two simple ingredients, the creation isn’t the height of culinary innovation; and yet, TikTok was certainly onto something. If you do want to elevate the drink, a few swaps and additions will do the trick. Sonic uses classic dill pickles at its restaurants, so if you’re getting the drink at one of its locations, the drink will be infused with the salty, slightly grassy pickle. If you’re making it on our own, however, you can go with a different type of pickle. Bread and butter pickles are the best pick for a sweetness that’s not too far off from the saccharine soda, but if you like a good contrast, go with full-sour pickles.

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The tart pickle is used as a chaser for pickleback shots and is a great choice for pickle drinks, in general. With that, the briny Dr Pepper drink can easily take on a boozy flair. Fruity, nutty Dr Pepper can take on a woodsier taste with whiskey, with a few slices of briny pickles balancing out the heady combination. If you’re after something lighter, a pale lager lifts Dr Pepper’s taste with a malty touch. For this combination, try a German pickle. They’re on the herbaceous side and brined with juniper berries, bringing out Dr Pepper’s fruitier nuances.

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