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Choose Your Steak at Texas Roadhouse: Insider Tip

Want the steakhouse experience without the frills? Texas Roadhouse is happy to oblige. Priding itself on quality hand-cut steaks and made-in-house delights, the chain is an enchanting place for carnivores and lovers of fresh bread alike. It’s also the palace for fans of eclectically aesthetic restaurants with its neon signage, mounted game, and Willie Nelson memorabilia. However, there’s one feature that isn’t just there for looks — the display case of steaks. A Texas Roadhouse must-know, the display case has a practical purpose letting you browse the case and hand-pick your steak.

It’s possible to select the exact steak, not just the cut, you’d like to eat when dining at Texas Roadhouse. Although you may have previously been leaving the choice to fate, it’s worth taking matters into your own hands. In fact, it can be the very thing capable of making your meal better since you have the power to choose the best-looking steak, which, ideally, should be moist with bright red coloring and pearly white marbling… we digress.

Applicable at any Texas Roadhouse location, all you need to do is notify your server that you’d like to pick your steak. At this point you’ll be allowed to scan the many options in the display case. Once you’ve made your decision, the butcher will tag the meat and give you a matching ticket to hand over to your server. Then, the only thing left to do is to patiently wait for your steak.

When it comes to selecting a steak, you have options

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All of the steaks served at Texas Roadhouse are USDA Choice beef. This grade level indicates that steaks will have slightly less marbling than USDA Prime, but will still be quite tender and flavorful. Plus, since the meat is carefully hand-cut by an in-house butcher, you’ll be in good hands, no matter which you decide. That said, there are a variety of classic cuts and sizes to choose from when perusing the display case.

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For a lean yet flavor-forward option, you might want to consider the USDA Choice Sirloin. Alternatively, for something more tender, it might be wise to opt for a New York Strip or even a more richly marbled Ft. Worth Ribeye. Instead, for a steak that will really melt in your mouth, the Dallas Filet is a must. Of course, if you’re feeling especially hungry, there’s always the impressive 20-ounce bone-in ribeye, or better yet, the 23-ounce Porterhouse T-bone.

With your selection made, the next step is deciding how you’d like the meat to be cooked and whether or not to customize it with a helping of sauteed onions or mushrooms, brown gravy, or jack cheese. There’s also the task of picking sides. From buttered corn to green beans, mashed potatoes to mac and cheese, and everything in between, Texas Roadhouse’s made-from-scratch sides are sure to elevate your (hand-picked!) steak dinner no matter what you decide — oh, the choices!

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