The Top 13 Crystals for Capricorn – Lift Your Energy

The Top 13 Crystals for Capricorn - Lift Your Energy

The hardest worker of all the zodiac signs, Capricorns don’t shy away from adulting and are always here with a plan mapped out. With their house signal being the sea goat and their ruling planet being Saturn, and their element being Earth, there’s a lot of significant energy folded into this star sign. Ever loyal and protective, Capricorns can certainly be trusted, but sometimes, this commitment can show up as something a little more stubborn (enter the goat). Lovers of material matters and status, it’s no surprise that Capricorns love to climb ladders and are here to live the high life. The best crystals for Capricorns are usually those that bring balance, play, flow, and a hint of emotional protection into the fold.

Understanding Capricorn Energy

Capricorn is a cardinal sign, and this makes those born under the banner of the sea goat amazingly grounded. They are also grafters and love nothing more than committing a hundred percent to a job and getting it done. Rather than drift along as dreamers, Capricorns are realists who full steam ahead. They are natural leaders and are seemingly always in pursuit of their personal goals. Capricorns love a plan, a sense of security, and wealth. They like a touch of luxury and aren’t afraid to work hard to get it. Despite all their serious work work work energy, there is a gentler side to this sea goat. They can be sensitive souls, but they also balance this with a sense of humor. As a cardinal earth sign, they aren’t always keen on looseness and change and prefer instead to know the way at all times. Capricorns are loyal and, when encouraged to relax, can be great fun; however, getting to this point can be a struggle, and loved ones sometimes may feel pushed aside or may find they butt heads with the sensitive Capricorn who steers away from expressing their easily bruised feelings.

The Best Crystals for Capricorn

There are many great crystals for Capricorns out there. As crystals have their own unique vibrations, it helps to find stones that resonate with the natural energy of Capricorns. You can also look for healing crystals that are ruled by Saturn or have a strong earth element. Stones that elevate a Capricorn’s positive traits and assist in overcoming the less desirable traits or unblocking certain chakras can also be useful. From protection crystals to those that offer feminine energy to counterbalance the strong masculine side of this sign or those that heal emotional wounds – these are the best crystals for Capricorns…

Red Garnet

Deep and glowing, the Red Garnet stone is radiant with vitality, passion, and the pure power of confidence. The Garnet is a traditional birthstone for Capricorns as Saturn also rules it and has the fiery energy of status and power to the table. Even though the meaning of Red Garnet is all about regal style, it also makes space for emotional growth and takes feelings into account. Wearing a Garnet bracelet brings balance and brightness to the wearer, making it the perfect stone for Capricorns.

Gold Tiger Eye

Gold Tigers Eye is a protective stone, and as Capricorns love to feel safe, you have nothing to fear when holding a Tiger Eye worry stone. Not only does the meaning of Tigers Eye echo with the feeling of being able to hold yourself steady in an unsteady world, but it also helps you double down on active decision-making and keeps you grounded and tethered to your own sense of responsibility. These are all feelings that help you to stay stable even when going through uncertain times.


Deep shades of Green make Malachite a much-loved crystal, and as a stone of transformation, it can be invaluable for Capricorns who may struggle with change. The meaning of Malachite is emotional protection and encouraging the heart space to open. As Capricorns can be one-sided when it comes to priorities and closed to the potential of getting hurt, opening the heart chakra can be a game changer and can help deepen the bonds of those close-knit relationships. Wearing a Malachite bracelet can help raise self-awareness and bring Capricorns into a place of elevated emotional health.

Rainbow Fluorite

The Top 13 Crystals for Capricorn - Lift Your Energy

Shiny bright Rainbow Fluorite is full of positive energy, mental clarity, and good vibes. The meaning of Fluorite helps you fully hone in your focus and is the perfect match for Capricorns, who adore steady organization and the power of productivity. Wearing a Rainbow Fluorite bracelet can also help Capricorns to welcome a little more flux into their life. This helps when uncertainty hits, and instead of stressing, the sea goat can let themselves go with the flow.

Ocean Jasper

Crystal healing can come in the form of balancing elements, and as Capricorns are an earth sign, welcoming more water into their life can help with feelings of renewal, joy, and finding their emotional balance. Wearing an Ocean Jasper bracelet can fill your cup of love right up. This soft-hearted stone helps you to let go of anchors that are no longer serving you and even helps attract abundance, which is sweet music for those Capricorns that love an elevated life. It also activates the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, and the throat chakra, allowing for a clean line of energy to run right through the core of your being.

Black Onyx

The meaning of Black Onyx is to get gloriously grounded. This protective, powerful stone can help the sensitive side of Capricorns feel a little more secure as they move through the world. The meaning of Black Onyx is that it’s great at clearing out negative energy and helping your root chakra to dig into the earth a little deeper. Wearing a Black Onyx mala will not only bring powers of protection, but it can also boost your stamina – physically and mentally and especially in the workplace.


The elegance of the Emerald makes it a perfect fit for Capricorns, who are a lover of luxury. This illustrious precious stone has a long history of healing, and the meaning of Emerald is to open the heart chakra and encourage deep, profound, and joyful love. Wearing an Emerald ring will not only help you feel like a million dollars but will also bring harmony and softness. These can be much-needed traits for all those Capricorns who need to make more time and space for their inner personal relationships.


The red Ruby is a symbol of love, persistence, and power. The meaning of Ruby is all about fire, personal power, and mental clarity, which makes it one of the best crystals for healing. Wearing a Ruby ring can be an amazing way of increasing your inner light and turning up the dial on your power. The Ruby can also help boost confidence which can be a beautiful thing for Capricorns, who can sometimes be a little unsure in their own skin when it comes to the emotional aspects of life.


The gorgeous Garnet crystal is another beautiful birthstone for Capricorns. This red crystal also carries the energy of light and fire, and the meaning of Garnet is all about elevating confidence, embracing life, and keeping negative emotions at the door. Wearing a Garnet bracelet is a beautiful way of welcoming its protective energy into your everyday life, along with sharpening your mental power and putting a shield up against depression.

Smoky Quartz

The meaning of Smoky Quartz is to boost your mental faculties, get crystal clear on your feelings, and move away from those old patterns of overthinking that can sometimes weigh a Capricorn down. This stone of power is about seeking what you want and achieving your dreams – which speaks volumes to the hard-working Capricorn. Wearing a Smoky Quartz bracelet can also help you find inner peace and balance thanks to this soothing stone’s gentle and wise qualities. Smoky Quartz can boost your esteem and bring you into a place of clear emotional balance.


The healing stone of Turquoise is always a balm. This blue stone is known for its watery moods, its ability to instill empathy within you, and for its penchant for positive thinking. The meaning of Turquoise is centered around compassion and communication. As Capricorns can sometimes be stubborn and sensitive, this can also be the result of a throat chakra block. Wearing a Turquoise bracelet can help unlock the throat chakra, which encourages you to own your truth, connect with others verbally, and be in pure possession of positive and powerful communication.

Blue Topaz

The Top 13 Crystals for Capricorn - Lift Your Energy

Gentle and joyful, the meaning of Blue Topaz is all about bringing peace and a sense of calm to those in its presence. This soft blue crystal can help with everything from mediation to clearing the throat chakra and helps you to set intentions that are sure to bloom into something beautiful. Wearing a Blue Topaz ring will not only make your heart sing but can help Capricorns to nourish themselves with clear-headed thinking and a calmer outlook on life.


The practical stone of Agate is a perfect match for the Capricorn sun sign. There are many different kinds of agate out there, and for Capricorns seeking prudence and protection, the earth energy of a Black Agate bracelet supports their grounded style and brings stillness and calm to a sometimes overactive mind. The meaning of Agate is centered around problem-solving balanced with the quest for inward journeys. This gem may be a root chakra stone, but it also encourages wisdom, interior knowledge, and spiritual transformation.

How to Use These Crystals

  • Wear Capricorn crystal jewelry to carry a stone’s energy and intention with you throughout the day.
  • Use crystals in meditation by holding worry stones or building an altar or sacred space where you can sit and learn to still the mind.
  • Place certain crystals on their aligning chakra spots to clear blockages and welcome a new flow of energy.
  • Be sure to cleanse your crystals and charge them regularly to ensure they work at the highest vibration. You can do this with running water, smudge sticks, moonlight, or by placing them in the presence of other cleansing stones.

Benefits of Crystals for Capricorn

  • Promotes Self-Discipline – Capricorns are known for their work-hard mentality, and crystals can help them to hone that already strong skill but in a way that is clear and level-headed.
  • Enhances Professionalism and Ambition – Already one of the most ambitious signs out there with a natural love of climbing the ladder to a leadership position, crystals can encourage Capricorns to chase their dreams and achieve the best in all their business ventures.
  • Helps With Stress Management – As Capricorns can be known for their hard work – crystals can also help them keep their stress levels on the down low. Capricorns can definitely use more chill time, and powerful crystals can help them achieve exactly that.
  • Encourages Emotional Balance – As a sensitive star sign, crystals can also help Capricorns to settle into their skin and find more emotional balance. Stones that are all about getting grounded, boosting confidence, and bringing emotions into alignment are priceless.


Crystal power and astrology go together hand in hand. For Capricorns who want to make the most of their natural traits, crystals can be a powerful tool for healing, grounding, and getting balanced across the body, mind, and soul. Humming with healing energy, Capricorns should seek out stones that have strong grounding energy, alleviate feelings of sadness and replace uncertainty and sensitivity with strength and openness.


Which stone is good for Capricorn?

One of the best stones for Capricorns is the Garnet, as it’s their traditional birthstone. However, they can also turn to stones like Bue Topaz, Agate, Smoky Quartz, Ruby, Turquoise, Rainbow Fluorite, and Emerald, among others.

Is citrine good for Capricorn?

Citrine can be a good stone for Capricorns as it helps encourage their drive and ambition, and as a merchant’s stone, it can also bring them luck. Citrine has a sunny nature which also helps uplift Capricorns from their serious hard working moods.

What stones should Capricorn avoid?

Capricorns are free to follow their instinct when it comes to choosing which stones are suitable for their spiritual healing. They want to avoid stones that encourage power struggles as they are already an overly ambitious sign.

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