The Rising Yogalebrities of the Year

The Rising Yogalebrities of the Year

In our celebrity-obsessed culture, even yoga earns its accolades. The past few years has seen the rise of Yogalebrity. Whether due to the world’s rising interest in spiritual wellness or down to the birth of photogenic platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, yoga teachers are gathering steam, becoming famous, and starting movements. Having inspiring yoga personalities to look up to can be a great thing for shining a light on the bountiful benefits of bringing yoga into your life.

Gabrielle Bernstein

But perhaps, this was the start of the rise of the Yogalebrity or the recognition of yoga teachers being important personalities. Fast forward and another star of the yoga world over the past few years is Gabrielle Bernstein. A big-ticket Yogalebrity, hundreds turn up to her events to practice yoga with her. Oprah named her a ‘new thought leader’ and she featured on Forbes list of best-branded women.

Yogalebrities seem to come from all corners of life, and here are the rising stars topping our must-watch list this year…

Valerie Sagun

If you are craving an influencer who comes with a high dose of body positivity and fine-tuned flexibility then Valerie Sagun is one to watch. With close to 150k followers on Instagram, she is spreading the word that yoga fits all body types. She lends just the right level of push and pull when it comes to challenging stereotypes and inviting people with larger body types to feel comfortable.

Rachel Brathen

AKA The Yoga Girl, Rachel Brathen scores high on the influencer list with a staggering two million-plus followers. Living her best life against the gorgeous backdrop of Aruba, Rachel is an international teacher who shares classes that are accessible on your laptop and phone. A once upon a time ‘bad girl’ who found her true path with yoga, Rachel is a New York Times bestselling author and big motivational speaker.

Jessamyn Stanley

A fine 400k followers marks Jessamyn on the map when it comes to fiercely positive and inclusive yoga practice. Author of the book Every Body Yoga, her Instagram account is an inspiring collection of life-affirming practices, poses and positive wellness shares.

Täo Porchon-Lynch

She may not have the biggest numbers when it comes to followers on Instagram, but she kicks it out of the park when it comes to experience. Tao Porchon-Lynch is a yoga teacher who is 1 years old and who drinks wine every single day. Truly smashing stereotypes in the Yogalebrity space, Tao proves time and time again that there are no boundaries when it comes to living your best and most authentic life.

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