Sacral Chakra Stones: 11 Stones That Make A Huge Difference

Sacral Chakra Stones: 11 Stones That Make A Huge Difference

Which sacral chakra stones can help you heal? Carnelian, Snowflake Obsidian, Orange Calcite, Citrine, Sunstone, Tigers Eye, Amber, Moonstone, Aragonite, Goldstone, and Amethyst are all here to bring a warm glow and healthy flow to the center of your being.

The Sacral Chakra is home to our creative spirit, our inner fire, our sense of playfulness and our passion. It sits in the center of the body, just below the naval in the pit of the stomach. Being such a central chakra means that keeping the Svadhisthana clear is essential for inviting a clear stream of energy to course from root to crown.

Having spent years delving deep into the world of healing crystals, we have become adept at using that forcefield of education, intuition, and inherent understanding in knowing which stones are best suited to certain chakras. The gems themselves give you clues in the coloring, the aura, and the connection to certain powers and parts of the self. For example, warm-colored stones in shades of red and orange or earthly tones tend to be associated with those lower chakras. Here we are taking a closer look at the sacral chakra and offering an array of must-have gems that can make a huge difference in strengthening that space.

Here are some quick things to know about the sacral chakra:

  • The second chakra
  • Found just below the navel
  • Associated with the color orange
  • Linked to the element of water
  • Connected to creativity, pleasure, and play

Understanding the Sacral Chakra/Svadhisthana

The second chakra is called the Svadhisthana, also known as the sacral chakra. As mentioned, it is classed as one of the lower chakras and sits below the belly button in the depths of the abdomen. You can also energetically feel the sacral chakra in your back and against your lumbar spine. The sacral chakra is connected to the color orange which suits its fiery flickering energy well. While it shares the same shades and moods as fire, it is associated with the element of water. This suits the sacral chakra well as those sweet flowing vibes can sometimes be exactly what we need to get us unstuck and ready to experiment and move into new opportunities.

When the sacral chakra is blocked this can make us feel detached inside. We may struggle to find pleasure or connection in the company of others which in turn, can make us depressed and anxious. It can also affect our intimacy and lead to disinterest or overindulgence which doesn’t make us feel good. Creative types may literally feel ‘blocked’ or demotivated when it comes to finishing a project. As our emotions may also be thrown out of whack, we can suddenly find ourselves being labeled as ‘too sensitive’ or we may struggle to implement and keep healthy boundaries.

Physical symptoms may also come into play with a blocked sacral chakra including lower back pain, hypoglycemia, kidney issues, complications or high-level pain when menstruating, and joint problems and constant fatigue or low energy can also be side effects of a blocked sacral chakra too.

For those who may find some elements of this ringing true, here are a few questions to consider when checking in with our inner self to see if you may need a little help bringing your sacral chakra into balance…

  • Do you feel like you have a healthy relationship to pleasure and intimacy?
  • Are you attracted to codependent relationships?
  • Are you able to put boundaries in place and keep them?
  • Do you feel playful and quick to joy?
  • Do you spend time doing the things you love?
  • How are your energy levels?

Gemstones that Boost the Second Chakra

Healing crystals and humming bright gemstones have long been revered as a tool that can help to shake loose blockages in the energetic system. The crystals that are best suited to the sacral chakra come soaked with balancing energy, creativity, confidence, and deeply nurturing vibes too. They are bright and boundless, and they help arouse an appetite for a fuller, richer and more vibrant life. The sacral chakra is not one that likes to be suppressed and these sacral chakra crystals will help to set you free.


Orange Carnelian is a stone of creativity, vibrancy, and spirit. This gem simply oozes warmth and shares its shades with a fiery brightness that burns with energy. In ancient times, Carnelian was a stone of fertility and had strong ties with the goddess Isis. From kickstarting your creative heart to turning the heat up in the bedroom, and giving your confidence a big boost, Carnelian can stabilize and strengthen your sacral chakra to ensure you thrive. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.

Snowflake Obsidian

Born from fire and cooled with the kiss of time, Snowflake Obsidian is one of those great grounding stones that keep you anchored and in a spiritually stable place. While this gem is said to draw emotions to the surface this is exactly what needs to happen to help you process your thoughts and to stand in your power. It brings order to chaos, cuts away old karmic wounds, and helps resolve stagnant thought patterns so you can move forward. Because of all of this, the sacral chakra can be cleared of jealousy, destructive thoughts, and any weight that keeps these kinds of blockages in place. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.

Orange Calcite

As bright and beautiful as soda pop, Orange Calcite is splashed in sunny vibes and a mood that shines. This stone is a warm-hearted wonder, and not only will it nourish you totally from tip to toe, but it connects with the sacral chakra to keep you energized. Orange Calcite is known as a stone of creativity making it a must-have amulet for all those who need more expression in their lives. It clears out lethargy, apathy, and anything that is dragging you down and replaces it with truth, light, and the vision to peer beyond the periphery. Find out more about the meaning of Calcite.


As bright as sunshine or as soft as the first rays of summer light through the trees, Citrine is pure healing energy. This golden gem is ripe with optimism and encourages the art of self-expression. No matter how dark the skies seem, Citrine is a vibe that always shines through. Because of that warm golden energy, it helps to raise your vibrations and can shake out blockages from the sacral chakra. It strengthens your desires and puts you in a spiritual place where you are open to receiving all that the universe has to give. It is called the merchant’s stone for its magical ability to attract wealth in many ways. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.


Just like the name suggests, the Sunstone is all about life-giving warmth, connection, and energy. For those who feel like they are living in a constant frost, let this stone shine down on you. Sunstone is considered to be a lush leadership stone as it vastly improves confidence and keeps you connected to a can-do attitude. Infused with enthusiasm and highly empowering, you can use this crystal to grow in a thousand different ways. While Sunstone helps you to rise it doesn’t do this in a hard or heavy manner but instead keeps you light of heart, fresh with intention, and powerful in play. Find out more about the meaning of Sunstone.

Tigers Eye

The stone of the mind, Tigers Eye is a big energy and a dab hand at clearing space. Earthly black and brown comes banded with warming tones of orange and gold to simultaneously keep you grounded while stirring up all that yummy chi. Tigers Eye is awesome at helping you keep boundaries without throwing up walls thanks to that big cat energy it holds. It is a stone associated with movement, change, and creativity all while reminding you that whatever life throws your way, you can handle it. From giving your gut the strength to speak out to stabilizing moods and releasing fears, you can say yes to earth and sun vibes to help you grow in golden glory. Find out more about the meaning of Tigers Eye.


Birthed from trees, Amber isn’t technically a crystal, but it is radiant with earthly energy. This golden brown and orange stone is a well-known natural pain reliever and is ripe with ancient wisdom. It stores energy from the sun and the earth, and this makes it a great talisman for the sacral chakra. Amber is known for clearing inner pathways and encouraging positivity, the reclamation of power, and even a heightened sense of spontaneity. Amber strengthens intuition and reconnects us to our ancestral selves. It holds the space we need.


Radiant with feminine energy and a loving glow, the magic of the Moonstone should never be underestimated. Orange Moonstone is a savvy sacral chakra connector and can sweetly encourage emotional balance in all the best ways. As the Moonstone is also inherently connected with the white light that brightens the darkest sky, this gem can also help heal fertility issues and problems with PMS. It is also considered to be a gem of new beginnings and embracing change. Just like the cycles we pass through in the natural world; life too can follow this, and nothing remains constant. This can be truly healing for our sense of attachment and self-worth and a lesson to simply let go. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.


A cluster of peach-colored crystals come together to make the Aragonite Star Crystal. This gem may have a name that evokes images of far-reaching skies and sparkling treasures but Aragonite is actually super grounding. It shares some similar vibes to Tigers Eye by keeping your emotions stable and ensuring you are subconsciously tuned in to self-care. Aragonite is also great at helping you with creative projects as it encourages confidence, high concentration, and all the energy of self-reliance. As it’s a great grounding crystal it can also help you to release negative energy and anger, clearing even more space inside for your light to shine.


With a name that sets the imagination on fire, it’s no surprise to hear that Goldstone helps us to follow our own path to mystery and magic. This gem is known to be a stone of ambition and it helps you to achieve all that you could dream of by clearing and connecting to the sacral chakra. Goldstone is ripe with calming energy and a dab hand at helping to stabilize emotions. While this stone is a manmade crystal it carries with it the healing potency of copper and glass and has roots that link it back to medieval times. Get grounded, see clearly, and let the conductive energy of copper carry you to higher places with the glory of the Goldstone.


While commonly associated with being a crown chakra gem, Amethyst is so much more. This high vibration stone is a tour de force of healing. Amethyst is all about the big chill which helps you to clear out negative energy, release anxiety, and fills your heart with courage. Amethyst centers the emotional self (which is exactly what the sacral chakra does too). It also encourages you to tap into your creative mind and reminds you that you have all the inner wisdom, knowledge, and strength you need to make decisions that will serve you well. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.

How to Use These Sacral Chakra Stones

Now you know which stones are best suited to the sacral chakra it helps to know how to harness that energy. One of the best ways to invite healing into your bodily space is to keep crystals against the skin. This is why gemstone jewelry can be one of the best ways to embrace healing as the crystal is constantly pressed against the skin and can connect and keep you stabilized.

Placing one of these healing stones on your lower abdomen while lying down in meditation can also be a good way of actively and intentionally clearing blockages and inviting healing directly to that chakra. You can also place these stones on your reproductive organs to help with fertility issues and sexual energy flow.

Keep sacral chakra stones close to your bed or beneath your pillow if you want to raise your energy or connection when it comes to intimate encounters. For those working on creative projects, having a sacral chakra stone in your creative space can illuminate those inner pathways and stop you from feeling stagnant and blocked.

You can use these orange stones in reiki and crystal grids too.

What else you can use instead of healing crystals

Alongside healing crystals or if you want to explore other methods for awakening your sacral chakra and clearing out the blocks, here are some other ideas to play with…

  • Increase your intake of ginger for its warming vibes
  • Wear the color orange
  • Eat orange foods and fruits like tangerines and carrots.
  • Practice hip-opening yoga practices
  • Bathe in water with added orange essential oils
  • Drink water with orange slices
  • Move or dance every day
  • Participate in artistic practice as much as possible


The sacral chakra is our pleasure button and where we find our sense of play. It is also considered to be the center of our emotions and our access point to all that inner joy, laughter, and the lightness of wellbeing. It’s home to our fantasies, sexuality, creativity, passion, warmth, and intimacy. If the root chakra is our tether to the earth, then the sacral chakra is our inner hearth and where we find our spirit fire. Using these gems to kindle that positive energy and keep the brightness burning can help us embrace endless possibilities without fear.

What are your thoughts about sacral chakra healing and which of these orange crystals calls to you? We’d also love to hear your thoughts on the best crystals for all the energy centers including the root chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, and third eye chakra too. Share your favorite tumbled stones and gems with us in the comments.

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