How to Make Your Own Zen Crystal Garden

How to Make Your Own Zen Crystal Garden

You don’t need lashings of space to create a Zen environment, all you need is a tiny smidge of space, a dreamy imagination and a handful of sand or soil. Crafting a Zen garden for your desk, your windowsill or any space that needs the breath of nature and balance can be an amazing way to bring a sweet sigh and sense of calm into the chaos of the world.

Having a Zen crystal garden creates a glorious focal point for meditation and keeps mindfulness at the front of your thought patterns throughout the day. These tiny gardens can be especially rewarding when placed somewhere you work (like your office) or in areas you associate with busyness and stress. Taking five minutes a day to tend to your garden, send out intention, and ensure your crystals are getting the energy they need is also an excellent way to bring ease and headspace to your practice.

Think Tranquil

There is great meaning behind the placement of Japanese style Zen gardens. These gardens are traditionally called Karesansui, and in the place of tinkling water features and flowering blooms, there are sand patterns to capture the flow of water and rocks to represent mountains. However you choose to design your garden, be sure to keep the spirit of tranquillity over clutter.

Find Your Container

Whether you pick a wooden box, a small tray, a rounded bottom glass or even a Tupperware container if you are short on supplies, choose a container that holds a fair amount of flat space. A wooden container is always a good option as it adds to the natural feeling of your garden, but glass can also lend a sense of elegance. You can also use a box picture frame or a mini tin.

Fill With Sand

Craft stores and online spaces will sell bags of colored sand – allowing you to choose yin and yang shades of black and white, or even pearly pinks if this shade tends to soothe your mood. If you cannot get hold of sand right now, then you can use a handful of soil in the garden but run over it time and time again with a mini rake (or fork) so that it becomes soft and powdery and easy to create patterns.

Find Your Features

A small succulent to represent a flowering tree, a smooth stone to represent a mountain, and a crystal or two to represent the healing energy of the spirit world that extends from sky to sea and even space itself, these small features bring light and life to your garden. If you are beside the sea, you can even pick a shell or two – whatever you choose, try to select rocks, crystals, and features that reflect your preferences in the natural world, and that capture your personality.

Choose Your Crystals

Boost the healing power and rare ritual of your garden by adding carefully chosen crystals. Amethyst will bring a rush of spiritual power, Rose Quartz lends itself well to softness and sweet love, Citrine bathes the garden with its joyous sunlight, and Black Tourmaline captures and absorbs all that negative energy. Study your choice of crystals and select ones that connect to the chakras you feel you need a little extra help with.

Create Your Routine

Take just a few minutes a day to connect with your garden; whether it is raking the sand to create shifting patterns or cleansing your crystals. This mindful connection can be sheer magic for the soul and helps you to stay attuned to the world outside your window.

Will you be making a mini Zen crystal garden? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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