Cacoxenite Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Cacoxenite Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Cacoxenite is known as the stone of ascension. It takes its meaning as it is known for raising vibrations and encouraging spiritual alignment. It has a host crystal which is often quartz or amethyst, and will then form as inclusions within that stone – this can show up in shades of reddish-orange or greenish-yellow or earthly shades of brown and gold. Cacoxenite can also show up as fuzzy golden or brown tufts. It can also be called Cacoxene or Cacoxittie.

The stone of ascension

Cacoxenite is known to be a major player in the Super Seven crystal. Also known as the Melody Stone or the Sacred Seven, this is when Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Goethite, Smoky Quartz, Lepidocrocite and Cacoxenite come together to create one superpower stone that activates the chakras and other crystals close and heightens all kinds of spiritual gifts, offering guidance and connection. It has such strong energy that it can even shift the vibrations of the planet. To be a major player in this setup illustrates just how spiritually special Cacoxenite is.

In terms of the science of it all, Cacoxenite is an iron aluminium phosphate mineral that also has a heavy association with iron ores. It was first talked about back in the early 19th century when it was found in the Hrbek mines in the modern-day Czech Republic. But this gem can be found across the world and has already been discovered in spots as far-reaching as Sweden, the USA, Brazil, France, and Germany.

As mentioned, Cacoxenite uses a host crystal and usually, this is something like Amethyst. This means you also get to enjoy the sacred spiritual benefits of Amethyst (or the other gemstone too). Amethyst Cacoxenite is a stone that is all about serenity, high vibrations, and deep healing. When Cacoxenite is found in Amethyst, it’s a beautifully regenerative crystal that can even reprogram the cells in the body.

The stone takes its name from the Greek word for Evil or Unwanted Guest which may relate to it previously being seen as an impurity when it showed up as traces in iron ore. Its presence in larger crystals as gorgeous golden strands are ever welcome as it is considered to enhance the properties of the gem and make it even more spectacular. With a name like the ‘stone of ascension,’ it’s clear that this gemstone brings incredible gifts to the party.

Healing properties

With its spiritual splendor, Cacoxenite is an incredible healing stone. Not only will this gem put you on the right path to alignment, but it also elevates every strand of your being. It can spark a higher level of creativity, put you in the path of beauty and nature, help you to feel more connected to the world and everyone in it, and increase your physical health and problem-solving techniques too. Cacoxenite is also a stone that comes with rich compassionate properties. For those who want to nurture a little more kindness in their hearts, keeping connected to this stone will help you to see the beauty in the people and places around you. Cacoxenite is considered to be. holistic stone in that it intuitively identifies the relationship and connection through each different part of the body. By doing this it can also treat the parts that are disconnected and piece you back together in pure harmony. Take a look at how Cacoxenite helps to balance you out.


As a gemstone committed to alignment and renewal, Cacoxenite can be a wonderful remedy for those who need a brighter bountiful flush of health. This special stone can assist in everything from encouraging healthy turnover in cells to balancing your thyroid and putting your adrenals back on track. If you often feel like your nervous system and stress levels are all over the show, let Cacoxenite soothe the soul. It can also be used for respiratory issues, digestive upsets, and can help flush the body of toxins and parasites too.


Ascend and attune with the Cacoxenite gem. This stone isn’t just about spiritual power, but also about bringing balance to your emotions too. Sometimes our emotions can block our spiritual paths and we may be prone to nervousness, fear-based behaviors, and feelings of unworthiness. Not on Cacoxenite’s watch. This stone is all about positive power and encourages you to find the light in any darkened tunnel. It raises your emotional energy and puts a strong back into your step, helping you to move forward with purpose and grace. This gemstone brings that beautiful golden earthy energy and assists in helping you release certain negative energies, let go of relationships that are no longer serving you, and welcome authentic feelings of true abundance and love that are free from expectation.

Metaphysical properties

Get ready to leap into the spirit realm with this incredibly high spiritual stone. Ever ready to awaken the chakras, in particular, Cacoxenite works well with the solar plexus, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra too. These chakras are connected to your spark of creativity and sense of personal power, not to mention your sense of play. The third eye is the gateway to inner wisdom, and the crown chakra is how we connect to themes of cosmic connections, understanding our place in the universe, and universal love. With Cacoxenite on your side, you can strengthen those spiritual gifts of meditation, dreamwork, and connecting with our spirit guides. When used in long term practice, this spiritual awareness boosting stone can foster deep ongoing relationships with your divine masters and spirit guides.


When it comes to beautiful birthstones, the Cacoxenite is a glorious gem for anyone born under any star sign banner but seems to work extremely well for Sagittarians. Born in the slot just before the winter solstice, Sagittarians are lively, passionate, and smart and have big energy. They are honest and adventurous and full of fire. The golden elements in Cacoxenite are the perfect match for this energy but also brings spiritual contemplation and balance too.

How to use

Welcoming Cacoxenite into your life is going to bring a ton of spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits. As with all healing crystals, one of the best ways to make the most of this stone is to wear it pressed against your skin. Wearing Cacoxenite will keep those vibrations attuned to those rippling through your own body, and will make sure that your chakras stay cleansed and the work continues to be done even on the most subconscious of levels. These crystals are also known as ‘seeker crystals’, in that they work as a spiritual compass and also provide a buffer for times when situations feel unbalanced. One of the best ways to wear Cacoxenite is in a pendant form as having it around your neck brings it closer to your heart space and also keeps it in alignment with your third eye chakra and your crown chakra too.

In Feng Shui practice you can also welcome Cacoxenite into your home. This golden stone brings elements of earth energy and also a ‘home’ energy that ensures wherever we are, we feel at home in our hearts and on the ground where we stand. It can also help to ward off unwanted visitors or energies when used in the home or any physical sacred space. While it radiates big earth energy, in Feng Shui it is also fire energy too. Fire energy brings with it elements of cheer, warmth, and a vivid brightness that infuses the heart with joy. For this reason, it can be good to keep this stone in shared spaces to keep the good vibes flowing.

You can also use this stone in meditation or when doing dreamwork or past life regression. As Cacoxenite is an exceptional gem for connecting with higher beings and spirit guides, it can be the key to divine doorways opening for you.

If you are looking for stones that work well with Cacoxenite, turn to the other members of its Sacred Seven family. Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Goethite, Amethyst, Lepidocrocite with rutile – all of these gems together can help elevate vibrations and help expand consciousness. You can also use Cacoxenite with the protector gem of Hematite. Hematite works like throwing a protective cloak over your shoulder. It keeps out bad energy and makes sure that your body, mind, and soul stay strong no matter what you are facing. For those who are looking for gateways into higher realms and healing, it’s important to stay protected as opening up to psychic practice can leave you wide open for unwanted energies. Hematite will make sure that this doesn’t happen.

How to Cleanse

Cacoxenite is a glorious stone to have on hand for those who want to stay connected and find positive solutions and balance in all scenarios. As it’s such a powerful stone of big vibrations, you also want to make sure you keep it cleansed and charged so it can work at the peak of its powers. Keeping all crystals and gemstones cleansed and charged is essential to their health and ability to bring harmony. As these stones mop up bad energy, you don’t want them to become full and heavy. A quick discharge and recharge can solve this issue.

One of the easiest ways to cleanse Cacoxenite is to run it under tepid water and pat dry. If you want to try less invasive methods, you can also use White Sage or Palo Santo for smudging or leave your stone in a slice of moonlight. As this gemstone is all about elemental earth energy, you can also try to bury it in soil for a few hours or overnight so it can soak up all that earthy goodness and tap into the power of Mother Nature. You can also leave it in the presence of other cleansing crystals.

Final thoughts

Cacoxenite is a highly spiritual and sustaining stone. It can help you to connect to divine will, make space in your life, and find your way into balance and harmony with a helping hand. While it may seem to be one of the lesser-known gemstones, it has an uncanny ability to connect you lovingly with those around you. It also helps to provide emotional and spiritual padding, making sure that whatever challenges you face, you know deep down that you have the power to deal with exactly what is at hand. It is a stone of ascension, but it does that without compromising on feelings of being grounded and belonging here on earth. Use your Cacoxenite gemstone as a safety net for your body, mind, and soul.

What are your thoughts on the Cacoxenite stone? Have you heard of this precious gem before or is it your first introduction? Share your experiences with us in the comments.

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