Wendy's triple berry frosty

Wendy’s Introduces Refreshing Triple Berry Frosty for Summer

Apparently a single berry just isn’t going to cut it this summer at Wendy’s. That must be why the home of fast food’s favorite square patty hamburger is launching a trifecta of fruit flavor in the upcoming iteration of the iconic Frosty. In a statement shared with Look, the chain said, “Available nationwide beginning next week for a limited time, Triple Berry Frosty is the juiciest flavor to join Wendy’s iconic Frosty lineup yet.”

Wendy’s broke down the titular berries as a combination of “three of the freshest fruit flavors of the season — strawberry, blackberry and raspberry — into one sweet summer treat.” That sounds like it would definitely help you beat the heat — especially from a few of those spicy and saucy nuggs the chain just debuted. This new addition means that customers have a limited window to try the restaurant’s most recent special Frosty flavor, Orange Creamsicle. That flavor combines the richness of a vanilla base with the tangy freshness of orange and is itself a departure from the classic Wendy’s Frosty that has a mild chocolate tinge.

Triple Berry joins the Frosty family

wendy's triple berry frosty

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Franchises love to introduce new menu items, but doing so can be quite the tightrope to walk. A hit might go on to become a classic, but a failure might be a nail in the coffin of the fickle consumer graveyard. That’s why limited-time-only specials and riffs on tested classics can prove less risky to chains that face stiff competition for appetites and dollars.

Thus, Wendy’s has frequently toyed with the lineup of Frostys it serves. While chocolate will forever, it seems, hold sway as the dessert of choice, various trend-conscious flavors have stepped alongside to woo the culinarily curious. Just last year, in the fall of course, Wendy’s debuted a Frosty with a flavor profile that probably everyone saw coming — the Pumpkin Spice Frosty captured the taste of sweater weather. The chain has also done classic flavors like peppermint and modern classics like birthday cake.

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Wendy’s has even taken Frostys into the coffee realm too. In 2023, it launched Frosty Cream Cold Brew, a coffee beverage spiked with a creamer additive that mimics the flavor of a Frosty. The cold brew comes in the classic Frosty chocolate flavor as well as vanilla and caramel.

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