Starbucks employee packing Grubhub delivery order

Starbucks partners with Grubhub for delivery service

When you’re craving a Starbucks, you’re craving a Starbucks. Everyone’s heard enough about the millionaire habits and how much money you can save by brewing coffee at home, but it just doesn’t always hit the same. Plus, getting coffee out gives you the opportunity to go outside, socialize, and maybe even run some errands — only these days, getting your coffee out can feel like yet another task on an already busy schedule. With apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats, you can get your Starbucks delivered straight to your door. 

And now, with the coffee merchant’s new Grubhub partnership, Starbucks will officially be on every major food delivery platform in the U.S. “Customer demand to get Starbucks delivered continues to increase, as evidenced by double-digit growth in the U.S. delivery business this past quarter,” Meg Mathes, the Vice President of Digital Experiences at Starbucks, explained in a press release. Up until today, however, Starbucks was the most searched merchant on Grubhub that wasn’t available. 

Liz Bosone, the VP of Enterprise Partnerships at Grubhub, said: “By joining forces with a beloved national brand like Starbucks, we’re offering customers more of what they want […] while strengthening our enterprise offering and growing our merchant supply in markets nationwide.” The rollout of Starbucks delivery with Grubhub will begin in select markets in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Illinois. It’s estimated to reach nationwide availability by August 2024, which means that you’ll be able to get your Starbucks delivered in all 50 states.

More Starbucks, less problems

A paper Starbucks cup and bag on a counter

Starbuck’s nationwide partnership with Grubhub is set to make it even more convenient than it already is. Customers could already place orders in app for pick up in most states (pro tip: it works at certain airport terminal locations, too) as well as order delivery through two of the three largest delivery platforms. The Grubhub partnership was like the final missing piece to get a Starbucks cup into anyone’s hand, whenever and wherever they want it. 

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Accessible through the Grubhub app and, you’ll soon be able to get a coffee anywhere you get reception — and Starbucks is prepared to get it to you without any spills or messes. Most of the coffee chain’s menu will be available for delivery through Grubhub, including the Starbucks summer 2024 menu, which we recently sampled. (We especially loved the new boba-inspired berry Refreshers.) You’ll also be able to customize your order just as you would if you picked it up yourself, with options to specify the number of espresso shots, the variety of milk, and flavor additions. 

To streamline deliveries and ensure that its customers get the best quality experience, Starbucks has already developed the packaging to get your orders picked up and delivered to your door. Bags and to-go trays will make it easier for drivers to transport multiple drinks at once, all so your experience can be as effortless as possible. While delivery and service fees will apply if you’re not subscribed to Grubhub Plus, you can get free delivery on your Starbucks through the $9.99 monthly membership or through your Amazon Prime account.

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