McDonald's Grandma McFlurry and fries

McDonald’s McFlurry Gets Personal Touch with Grandma’s Name


McDonald’s always finds a way to keep customers coming back for another bite, whether it’s to grab the chain’s upgraded burgers with over 50 tweaks announced at the end of 2023 or to try its occasional limited-edition menu items, like the new Grandma McFlurry. The latest rendition of its popular McFlurry officially launched at the end of May 2024, and its mix-ins are what earned it the grandma moniker.

In a press release, McDonald’s said that the ice cream treat pays homage to those candies that are often found in the bottom of everyone’s grandma’s purse. You know, the hard candies in golden wrappers that taste like butterscotch, caramel, and toffee that you probably wouldn’t grab at the store on your own but would certainly enjoy when grandma gave you one. The newest McFlurry uses the same creamy, vanilla ice cream you’d expect combined with an orange-brown butterscotch-flavored syrup and crunchy candy bits.

I tried a Grandma McFlurry last week, and the name and description from the Golden Arches is pretty spot on. Sure, it’s sweet, but not so much that I didn’t enjoy the ice cream. The bits of hard candy add crunch and taste like butterscotch and caramel while the syrup has a sweet butterscotch flavor too. It certainly gave me a nostalgic feeling with every bite. Other official taste tests and reviews had similar responses.

McDonald’s serves its new McFlurry in a cup designed for grandma

Hands holding McDonald's Grandma McFlurry


It’s not just about the taste of the new McDonald’s McFlurry — the cup offers an aesthetic to match its flavors. The fast-food chain serves the latest McFlurry in a pink, red, and white cup that features the logo on a design that looks similar to your grandma’s crochet work. The cup is even adorned with an “XOXO, Grandma” at the bottom so you can really feel like it was made by grandma when you grab the cup from the server. Just don’t expect to get one of the iconic McFlurry spoons that were discontinued for sustainability purposes.

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The sweet treat is only available for a limited time, so your best bet is to try a Grandma McFlurry as soon as possible. Do yourself a favor and pair it with a side of fries for a delectable sweet-and-salty combo. And while you wait in line at the drive-thru, consider these hacks to save cash at McDonald’s, like using its app to place your order and score rewards.

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