TikTok’s Pool Noodle Hack Will Stop Your Shower Doors From Hitting Your Towel Bar

TikTok's Pool Noodle Hack Will Stop Your Shower Doors From Hitting Your Towel Bar

TikTok’s Pool Noodle Hack Will Stop Your Shower Doors From Hitting Your Towel Bar


One common issue many homeowners face, particularly in small bathrooms, is the challenging layout of their shower space. A frequent problem for people with this dilemma is when their shower door collides with their wall-mounted towel bar. If you’re grappling with this problem, why not try a quick and easy DIY fix to prevent contact, or at least cushion the impact instead of going through the hassle of removing the towel bar?

Some homeowners have found success by placing their towels in spots that will soften any collision; others have adjusted their setup so that it’s the door handle, not the glass, that makes contact with the towel rod. While these are fine solutions, they don’t eliminate the risk of damage to your shower door.

If your shower door is prone to hitting the towel bar, attaching a pool noodle to the bar can be a clever hack to mitigate the impact. This simple addition can also protect against your shower door striking other bathroom fixtures, such as walls, towel hooks, and even door knobs.

Protect your shower door from towel bars with a pool noodle


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Using a pool noodle to safeguard your shower door is surprisingly effective and straightforward. First, measure and cut the pool noodle to a length that provides ample cushioning. Aim for about an inch or two longer than the towel bar to prevent any contact between the shower door and the towel bar.

To achieve a clean, straight cut, it’s best to use a ruler or a yardstick to draw a straight line on the noodle before cutting. Serrated or utility knives are the best tools to use when cutting a pool noodle if you’re aiming for straight, deep cuts. Once you’ve cut the noodle to the desired length, slice it open. Then, make two perpendicular slits so you can easily slip the noodle over the towel bar’s wall attachment.

This is just one of the many ways you can use a pool noodle to up your shower game. You can also make your shower safer and more comfortable by placing a pool noodle around any hard edges. You can also turn a pool noodle into a bathtub pillow to avoid a stiff neck.

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