TikTok’s Genius Solution To Hiding Your Laundry Room In Plain Sight

TikTok's Genius Solution To Hiding Your Laundry Room In Plain Sight

TikTok’s Genius Solution To Hiding Your Laundry Room In Plain Sight

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The items you need to keep handy for a laundry room to be functional aren’t always aesthetically pleasing, which can be unfortunate to deal with if your laundry room is somewhat out in the open. That’s the issue that TikTok user Julie Sousa, who goes by @the_avantgarde, faced and one she solved with her genius solution for hiding her laundry nook in plain sight. All it took was a few supplies and some ingenuity.

With a stacked washing machine and dryer tucked into a closet in Sousa’s home, the entire space can be seen opening directly into a hallway that leads to a bathroom. This hallway is also where she needed to keep various things, like baskets of dirty laundry. To hide everything yet keep them within reach, she started by giving the entire area a new look with the help of paint and pole wrap, which she placed on the wall before installing a helpful pair of floating shelves that she could use as a spot to fold and sort clothes. Sousa also opted for an attractive basket that you’d never guess was holding dirty laundry and added a few decorative pieces, as well as a DIY painting (which covered a rather unattractive panel on the wall) to top off the makeover. You can do the same to your wide-open laundry area with a relatively reasonable budget.

Makeover your open laundry area for under $250


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It doesn’t take much to copy this fabulously functional laundry nook’s stylish makeover. On top of that, you can do it for under $250. Just consider that 96-inch by 16-inch Oak Basement Column Wrap Cover, which can be used to give a bare wall a decorative touch, can be found at Home Depot for $79.96. That’s not to mention the floating LACK Wall shelf from Ikea that can be purchased for $29.99 and comes in white, black-brown, and white-stained oak effects. Double that price if you want two shelves to achieve the same setup as Sousa.

If you want to take further inspiration from Sousa, you’ll want to grab an attractive basket to store your dirty laundry. The NATTGIBBA Laundry basket is sold at Ikea for $99. You also don’t want to forget an artistic piece that can take the entire transformation to the next level. You can always purchase something ready to be hung up on your wall or DIY a piece. For the latter, a 16-by-20-inch Crafts Stretched Canvas Set is available from Dollar Tree for $5. That’s not to mention a 3-fluid-ounce tube of Crafter’s Square Acrylic Black Paint for $1.25 that can also be found at Dollar Tree. That puts the total for this project at $245.19, which keeps costs reasonable.

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