TikTok’s Extension Tip Is The Perfect Way To Add Bar Stools To Your Existing Countertop

TikTok's Extension Tip Is The Perfect Way To Add Bar Stools To Your Existing Countertop

TikTok’s Extension Tip Is The Perfect Way To Add Bar Stools To Your Existing Countertop


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Kitchen islands and peninsulas are a perfect way to get additional prep space and storage, and in some cases, additional seating. Not all islands are created with seating in mind, with many offering only a traditional counter height and a single flat surface. If you’re stuck with an island without a higher area for dining, there are ways to fix the problem without replacing your entire island or counters. TikTok user @lmccreators recently showed off an amazing hack for adding bar-height counter space to an existing peninsula using low-cost stainless steel pipes and flanges. The result is a perfect spot for meals and socializing with the cook, as well as a perfect kitchen set up for parties without losing any space on the original counter.

To create your multi-level countertop, you will need 8 piping flanges and large screws or bolts, several lengths of iron piping cut to the height you want your counter to rise/overhang, and 2 elbow joint fittings for the front. You will also need a cut-to-size countertop section of the desired length for the addition.

Creating and island addition


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@lmccreators begins by having a custom cut made at the hardware store of the existing countertop material the same length as the peninsula. While @lmccreators chooses to use the same material, you can also use this opportunity to add another texture or visual element, such as combining existing marble counters with a wood addition to add some warmth. @lmccreators fastens the straight pipes to each end of the extension, then to the existing countertop. While you can use screws or bolts for this step, your countertop materials may determine how deep you want to anchor and how you drill. For marble or quartz, you will want to use a diamond drill bit specifically designed for tile to get a cleaner hole and avoid damaging your drill bit or stone.

The front of the counter will be mounted at each end with elbow pipes, with one side fastened to the top of the island securely and the other fastened to the front, where these pipes will hold up the overhanging counter, allowing you room to slide stools easily under the lip. @lmccreators finishes off the DIY counter remodel with wood blue shiplap paneling affixed with liquid nails and some under-counter twinkle lights.

Cost of adding seating to counter


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This project is a budget-friendly hack compared to replacing an entire island or adding new countertops, with the main expense falling on your additional section of countertop material (which will vary according to material, with Formica and synthetic counters costing much less than genuine wood or stone slabs). If you want to go for a wood countertop addition, you can also use a wooden plank that has been stained with a food-safe water-based stain and a protective poly coat. The mounting hardware itself is relatively inexpensive and widely available, with pipes, elbow fittings, and flanges coming in under $30.

Another stylish alternative seen on TikTok from @somerlynnepadilla is this wood countertop created using IKEA’s slanted Capita Legs, which only involve two supports for a cantilevered counter look. The legs are screwed into the stone countertop and support the weight of the counter without any additional front brackets. Since it lacks support on the front end, you may want to stick lighter cuts of wood and counter material with this approach.

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