This Showstopping Fixer To Fabulous Idea Will Take Your Kitchen To The Next Level

This Showstopping Fixer To Fabulous Idea Will Take Your Kitchen To The Next Level

This Showstopping Fixer To Fabulous Idea Will Take Your Kitchen To The Next Level

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“Fixer to Fabulous” on HGTV is all about transforming homes for small-town people, but Jenny and Dave Marrs, the stars of the show, seem to always have something special up their sleeve. When a single dad asked the renovation experts to update his home to make it more comfortable for his two boys, they knew they needed to add a little touch for dad as well. Enter: the retractable bar built into the kitchen island.

Dave, a master craftsman, created the mechanism on his own using a television lift and customized shelves. He inserted the bar lift into a cut-out section of the new island and plugged the creation in. Upon reveal, Dave shows how, with the press of a button, the shelving simply comes up and out of the countertop, revealing what they called a “bourbon lift.” But this unique idea isn’t just for bourbon lovers – with a little creativity, you can incorporate this into your own kitchen as well.

How to create the lift in your own kitchen

Dave Marrs may be an expert when it comes to renovating, but if you are lusting after this bourbon lift, you’re in luck. The creation, while not the easiest DIY, can be done on your own – just make sure you are sure before cutting a hole into your kitchen island. Marrs used a television lift for his project – you can find similar ones on Amazon or Walmart for around $100-$300 – but you can also use lifting columns that are made specifically for this type of project, like this set found at Progressive Automations.

Other than the lift, you’ll need wood to create the shelving. As you can see in the HGTV video, Marrs custom-makes the shelf to fit his vision, so make sure you are measuring yours perfectly based on how big and high you want your shelving. If you don’t drink or feel a bourbon lift is unnecessary in your home, there are other ways to use this hack to take your kitchen to new heights – literally.

Other ways to use a lift in your kitchen

Bar area with retractable lift


We love this DIY because not only does it provide extra storage space in a unique, hidden way, but it can be used for many different purposes. If your kitchen island is a place where everyone gathers to drink their morning coffee, consider using this idea to store your favorite coffee mugs and glassware. If you make the shelf a bit wider, you can also store your Nespresso machine or coffee maker along with it. If you are lacking in countertop space because of all your appliances, you can also use this idea to store them away, without having to search for them under your pots and pans when you need them.

If you have little ones, you can use the lift as cereal or snack storage. Fancy yourself a casual, diner-like atmosphere? Use the TV lift for an actual TV that can rise up to watch the news while you sip coffee or a cartoon for your kids during Sunday morning breakfast. You can also move the lift out of your island and use it on a dresser or other piece of furniture instead, creating a larger bar, coffee nook, or other storage unit.

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