The Unique Floor Plan That Seamlessly Blends Open Concepts And Private Dining

The Unique Floor Plan That Seamlessly Blends Open Concepts And Private Dining

The Unique Floor Plan That Seamlessly Blends Open Concepts And Private Dining

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Interior design enthusiasts always debate whether open vs. closed kitchens are better, and there’s no right or wrong answer. After all, open and closed floor plans have ups and downs, so the “better” floor plan depends on the vibes each person wants in their house. While open-concept layouts can create a more airy-looking, cohesive space, closed floor plans offer more privacy. However, a glass wall enclosure can provide the best of both worlds, dividing the dining area from the rest of the space without closing it off 100%.

“The challenge was to create a space that could be open and closed at the same time … The glass wall was the perfect answer to this dual requirement, as the view can circulate freely even when the door is closed,” expert Pierre-Louis Gerlier, who renovated a home in Paris, adding that feature, told Apartment Therapy. Just think of how chic a glass-enclosed dining nook would look in any home — not just Paris.

It’s not cheap, but it’s so glamorous


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People who can’t decide whether they prefer a closed or open-concept floor plan should consider investing in a glass wall, as the contemporary feature will make you feel like you have a more private dining area but will still let you see the rest of your home’s surrounding space while you’re eating. “The steel-and-glass wall is a strikingly unique feature that allows the space to open or close depending on the situation,” Joel Kelly Design told HGTV.

Before you get too excited about the stylish open and closed floor plan compromise, you should know that such a chic and helpful feature is expensive. So, expect to pay anywhere between $1,500 and $14,000 for the luxurious upgrade, and make sure you can realistically afford it before investing. While the feature will cost you thousands of dollars, it’s glamorous enough to make your dining area look like that of a high-end restaurant, so it will likely significantly add to your home’s resale value.

Consider a mirror wall instead


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As beautiful and convenient as a glass wall-enclosed dining area is — of course — not everyone will want to spend so much money on that home upgrade. However, don’t assume that the glass feature is the only way to add a glamorous wall detail to your dining area if you want to incorporate some new contemporary flair into the space. For instance, interior design TikToker @laurenmakk posted a video showing how she upgraded a dining nook wall by completely covering the black wall with several small square mirrors using double-sided industrial strength tape. The final results looked super fancy, like something in a deluxe hotel in a movie.

Anyone who wants to add this chic feature to their dining nook will likely need reliable double tape, like the HFT Double-Sided Mounting Tape, available for $1.99 at Harbor Freight. Consider searching at your local craft or home decor stores for the mirrors. Another mirror option is the Style Selections Clear 12-inch by 12-inch Mirrored Glass Glue Down Wall Tile, selling for $2.50 per square foot at Lowe’s. So, are you ready to add some pizazz to your dining area for a glam update?

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