The Unexpected Way To Add A Pop Of Color In A Room With White Walls

The Unexpected Way To Add A Pop Of Color In A Room With White Walls

The Unexpected Way To Add A Pop Of Color In A Room With White Walls

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It’s no secret that white walls make rooms feel fresh and spacious, but the caveat is that the shade can also make a space look monotonous. In order to keep a white room visually balanced, a pop of color is never a bad idea — especially when it’s in the form of an accent ceiling. Using the ceiling to add complexion and visual interest maximizes the space to create the illusion that your room is larger than it really is. All you need is some paint.

Accent ceilings add the necessary contrast to break up the reflective white of the walls while also tying together your room’s decor. If your bedding or decor follows a specific color palette, matching the hue to the shade you paint the ceiling completes the look. Plus, one major benefit to creating an accent ceiling in a room with white walls is that any color is fair game!

How to create an accent ceiling

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Painting the ceiling gives any white room a drastic pop of color since it covers a large area. It’s also one of the less labor-intensive options. With white being the purest and brightest of all neutral shades, the best way to produce contrast is to select a hue that’s bold, dark, and vibrant: Think dark blue, fuchsia, or deep green. The good news is that any ceiling can be painted, including popcorn ceilings. While this task may sound intimidating, know that it’s the same process as painting your walls. The materials you need include a paint roller, paint tray, drop cloths, and painter’s tape, but the most important is primer.

Primer is necessary when painting an accent ceiling to set your room up for the new color. If your ceiling has stains due to water leaks, running a coat of primer over the surface blocks the discoloration from showing through. Applying primer is done the same way as paint — simply pour it into a paint tray before using a clean roller to apply it to the ceiling. Once the primer is done drying, you can begin painting. Just remember to switch to a new roller brush for an even appearance.

Elevate your accent ceiling


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Before you finish painting, think of ways to elevate your accent ceiling to create a full design. Adding wooden beams is a stunning way to bring in texture and boost the aesthetic of the room. Wood, either solid or faux, comes in a coarse or fine texture, both of which add visual interest and draw the eye. Plus, if you’re following the rustic aesthetic, the earthy brown from the wood blends perfectly with other neutrals or greens the room may have.

Another way to complement the pop of color on your ceiling is to freshen up the room with new statement lighting. On its own, statement lighting adds a dramatic touch, but when the fixture’s finish complements the paint, it adds more color. Another pro to using statement lighting is that the reflective light illuminates the new shade to make the room feel even more luxurious and cozy while showing off the design of the ceiling and the fixture itself.

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