The Unexpected Way The Color Yellow Might Impact Your Green Paint Choices

The Unexpected Way The Color Yellow Might Impact Your Green Paint Choices

The Unexpected Way The Color Yellow Might Impact Your Green Paint Choices


Finalizing what shade to paint a room in your home takes time and patience, especially when you’re considering a new green color that’s a significant departure from what’s currently on your walls. Because green is a tricky color to get right, it’s imperative to pay attention to its warm or cool undertones and what color it’s primarily mixed with. One of the most important things to consider is how much yellow is lurking in the background of your green, as this will significantly change the vibe in your room. The amount of yellow undertones present in your shade will brighten the final color more than you might expect.

Along with making sure the undertones create the vibe you want, there are quite a few other things to consider when choosing a green shade. It’s critical to think about your existing furniture, artwork, and knickknacks — what colors are they, and will they work well with your paint choice? You’ll need to consider the arc of the sun and how much light illuminates the room to help you decide how bright or dark your shade should be. Don’t forget that room size should also play a part in your final choices. Light green paint colors can make cramped areas feel more spacious, while darker options may benefit larger rooms.

How yellow undertones change your green paint choice


When paint designers concoct green shades, they are primarily mixing together blue and yellow, and each of these colors can be more present. If there’s more yellow, your green shade will appear warm, but if there’s more blue, it will feel cool. If you’re seeking a warmer green room, you’ll want to find a shade with prominently yellow undertones. However, while these types could be beneficial in a space like an office, they may make relaxing places like bedrooms feel too energizing. Further, no matter what room the shade is used in, it could start to feel irritating if it’s too bright.

Therefore, to decide upon the right green shade, you have to ask yourself about the calmness level you want in the room. When choosing the right warm green shade, pick a color with a very small amount of yellow to keep it from becoming overbearing. Another tip is to choose a slightly lighter shade of green, as this will also make your room feel more soothing. Properly using paint swatches to check potential colors with your furniture and with the amount of light in your room is crucial to choosing the right shade.

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