The Type Of Cabinets Jenny Marrs Swears By For Functionality And Ease

The Type Of Cabinets Jenny Marrs Swears By For Functionality And Ease

The Type Of Cabinets Jenny Marrs Swears By For Functionality And Ease

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Do you want to take your kitchen cabinets to the next level? Instead of opting for a new paint color or hardware, consider upgrading them with pull-down shelving. Rather than making the cabinets look more colorful, trendy, or glamorous, pull-out features in cabinets will make them more accessible and convenient. HGTV’s Jenny Marrs even worked this upgrade into an episode of her show, “Fixer to Fabulous.” The design expert wrote about the process, noting, “The custom cabinetry in a pretty blue has pull-down features so Laura can access everything with ease,” per the Dave & Jenny Marrs blog.

Reico Kitchen & Bath posted a TikTok video showing an example of how these contemporary cabinet options can work, as users can just reach and quickly pull down the shelf instead of having to get on tiptoes to try to view the cabinets’ interior to find what they need at the moment. Thus, this feature might decrease your cooking and cleaning prep time, since you can access your materials more quickly.

The pull-out feature can make life easier

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The pull-down feature might be the right kitchen cabinet style for your space if you struggle to reach your cabinets’ interiors for any reason. In the previously mentioned “Fixer to Fabulous” episode, Laura — the woman the episode featured — said, “I do want cabinetry that goes from the floor to the ceiling with pull-outs … I can’t reach up high and pull heavy things down.” Her partner added, “She has limited upper-arm mobility, so that would help to have pull-outs” (via YouTube). They were both very happy with the new kitchen when Dave and Jenny Marrs revealed it.

Not only can pull-down cabinets make life easier for people with limited mobility in their upper arms, like the woman from the “Fixer to Fabulous” episode, but the feature can also help shorter individuals. Many people who aren’t tall know how frustrating it is to have to get themselves high enough to use their cabinets, whether they use a footstool, climb on the counter, or precariously balance themselves on a chair. The pull-down design is a much safer option.

Consider the cost

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While pull-down kitchen cabinets can make kitchen tasks more convenient, you should double-check if you can afford the investment before getting too excited about the idea, as you’ll likely have to spend at least $500. For instance, the Wall Cabinet Pull-Down Shelving System from Shelves That Slide costs $560.99. Meanwhile, the Rev-a-Shelf 18.87 in. H x 34.25 in. W x 10.25 in. D Large Wall Cabinet Pull-Down Shelving System sells for $511.69 from Home Depot.

In addition to the over $500 price tags of the items, don’t forget about installation costs if you don’t want to install them yourself. You’ll typically have to spend between $140 and $350 for installation, so that’s another factor to consider. Therefore, pull-down cabinets aren’t cheap. But if you have the money to spend on them and think the benefits will be worth the price, you shouldn’t hesitate to treat your kitchen to that functional feature, as this upgrade isn’t just about appearance.

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