The TikTok Hack That Will Make Carrying Your Wire Handled Paint Cans That Much Easier

The TikTok Hack That Will Make Carrying Your Wire Handled Paint Cans That Much Easier

The TikTok Hack That Will Make Carrying Your Wire Handled Paint Cans That Much Easier

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If you’ve been spending a lot of time painting your home and taking on other similar tasks, then you’ve also likely spent a lot of time carrying around paint cans. While this is part and parcel of the job, you may find that the handles begin to hurt your palms and fingers. However, there is an easy remedy to this pesky problem, thanks to one nifty hack by @jmg8tor on TikTok. Instead of grimacing every time you move a paint can, simply use an open-end wrench to soften the impact on your hard-working hands. Although it may seem bizarre to use such an item, it works like a treat when you can get it right! Even better — it’s completely detachable when you finish.

Of course, this hack is great if you do a lot of painting and are looking for a solution to dampen their impact on your hands. It makes the whole process of handling them mostly pain-free, making it an attractive option if you’re someone with sensitive skin. Even better, it’s also completely free (provided that you have an open-ended wrench of course.) However, you may wonder how exactly you can fit a wench into such a bizarre place. Thankfully, it’s not as difficult as it looks.

Find an appropriately-sized open-ended wrench


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You don’t need much for this hack. All you need to do is find an appropriately sized wrench for the job, whether that’s from your own garage or a local DIY store. However, it’s one of many tools that every homeowner should have and will be a great addition to your arsenal if you don’t already have one. Of course, you need to make sure that it’s not too big or too small to fit between the space between the wires. Once you’re prepped and ready to go, simply insert your wrench so it fits firmly in between your handle. You may have to fiddle around for a little while to find the right spot and angle, but you should feel when it falls into the correct place. Just make sure it’s laid flat. Now, lugging your pain cans around should be much gentler on your hands, making a long day of painting much more bearable than before.

When it comes to this hack, the larger surface area of the wrench helps to create a more comfortable feel on the hand versus a wire. This makes it much gentler, especially if you’re moving cans for prolonged periods. However, while this hack is certainly nifty, you must be careful. There is always the possibility the wrench may slip out of place, causing paint to spill everywhere. For this reason, it’s always best to add a lid unless it’s almost empty.

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