The Shower Door That Can Make A Small Bathroom Look And Feel Bigger

The Shower Door That Can Make A Small Bathroom Look And Feel Bigger

The Shower Door That Can Make A Small Bathroom Look And Feel Bigger

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Following a few golden rules will help you maximize the small space when designing a bathroom from scratch or remodeling your old one. While you can play it up with mirrors, colors, and lighting, your shower door choice will also play a huge role. For instance, glass shower doors will make the bathing chamber appear bigger than it is. But any glass door won’t do. You must install frameless glass shower doors to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger.

Since frameless doors remove sight obstructions and give you an unimpeded view of the room, they open up the small space and increase its square footage visually. Their refined look and aesthetic appeal don’t hurt, either. However, these shower fixtures come with a hefty price tag and need to be installed professionally. As such, you can expect to shell out anywhere between $3,985 and $10,980, including labor, materials, and demolition costs. That being said, if your budget allows, frameless glass shower doors remain a top contender for small bathrooms.

Reasons to install frameless shower doors

Frameless glass shower door

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The primary reason you should install frameless shower doors is because they make your bathroom look bigger. Unlike framed glass doors, these fixtures lack metal framing and remove barriers from your sight line. At best, they have a bar or handle to help open the door. This gives you an uninterrupted view of the entire room without sectioning off parts of the space. Due to this, the bathroom space flows together and appears as a single large room. But this isn’t the only reason frameless fixtures will make your bathing chamber appear larger.

Another reason why frameless shower doors are ideal for small bathrooms is because they let in light — natural or artificial. This creates a bright and airy atmosphere, opening up the room. Just as white can make your bathroom look bigger, if you have a white shower, any amount of natural light illuminating that crisp white shower is going to make your bathroom look larger, too. However, while picking a frameless door for your shower, ensure you pick a clear one. Textured glass will obstruct your view and reinstate the feeling of a separate space, negating the purpose of frameless doors in a small bathroom.

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