The Hack That’ll Help You Paint Match An Already Painted Wall

The Hack That'll Help You Paint Match An Already Painted Wall

The Hack That’ll Help You Paint Match An Already Painted Wall

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Consider the following: you’ve just moved into your new home and adore the wall color but not the scuff marks the previous owners left behind. Or maybe you painted your walls a fresh, new shade but ran out of touch-up paint and can’t remember the name of the color. What are your options? You can repaint the entire wall, accept the imperfections, or try fixing any scuffed paint.

But what if you need to repair something bigger than a small fix will tackle, such as a hole in your wall? This requires paint. But not just any paint: it requires color-matched paint. Unfortunately, you may not have any leftover paint laying around your home. This is where an incredible hack might just be the solution for all your paint-related needs. Simply remove a tiny piece of your wall and bring it to your local paint supplier or hardware store and have them color-match your existing paint. The results might just amaze you!

The best part about this incredible hack is that it works on any type of paint or finish. You just need some basic information for your paint technician and you’ll have the touch-up paint you need to repair any wall. Even better, you can repair those pesky flaws on your walls without needing to repaint the entire room. This is great for anyone in a time crunch or working on a limited budget, as you’ll only need a pint of paint to repair a few scuffs on your otherwise pristine walls.

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According to @caranewhart, the best way to carry out this hack is by removing an outlet cover and cutting off a tiny piece of drywall. If you’re worried someone will notice this missing piece of wall, fret not — your outlet cover should conceal the area. You can also repair it with some spackle and your touch-up paint once you’ve color-matched this area. Also, you don’t have to remove a huge chunk of the wall — just the top layer with paint will suffice. Next, bring this piece of paint to your local hardware store or another paint supplier. They should be able to color match on the spot.

If you’re hesitant to remove a piece of your drywall, there are other ways you can successfully carry out this hack. For starters, check for outlet covers that may have been painted over. If you have one, you can bring that to the store instead. Either way, a small sample of paint is all you need to touch up any color of the rainbow.

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