The Flooring Choices That Pair Best With A Modern Farmhouse

The Flooring Choices That Pair Best With A Modern Farmhouse

The Flooring Choices That Pair Best With A Modern Farmhouse

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A modern farmhouse style marries traditional country charm with contemporary design. It’s an ideal choice for homeowners looking to spice things up with a rustic yet chic aesthetic. The unusual pairing opens up a world of possibilities, including flooring options for your humble abode. This means that you have your pick of the floors. You can go with the classic hardwood or natural stone and tile option. Or give your home a unique look by choosing modern flooring options like luxury vinyl, carpets, and luxury laminate. But all of these flooring options offer numerous choices, so you might get overwhelmed by the veritable buffet of floors.

Before you choose a floor for your modern farmhouse, ensure that it suits your interior decor. Pick an option that complements your existing decor elements. Similarly, consider your design preference. Determine if you want to go the dark and distressed route or opt for something bright and airy. For instance, if you go with dark and distressed, dark-colored floors and distressed texture would be more your style. A distressed texture refers to wood that’s hand-crafted to showcase its natural imperfections — the “warts and all” approach to flooring. While it adds character and charm to a living space, it might look too unkempt for some.

If you’re going for a bright and airy design, wide planks and neutral or light tones will suit your tastes. Don’t forget to account for your budget, or all your hard work will be for nothing. That being said, here are the flooring choices that pair best with a modern farmhouse.

Wood is a timeless classic

Wood flooring in farmhouse

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Organic hardwood is an elegant flooring choice that will give your modern farmhouse-style home a timeless feel. Being sturdy and durable, these floors will offer a high return on capital and be an ideal choice if you have pets and kids. Plus, you’ll have your choice of hardwood, including oak, maple, and hickory.

As for the tones, you can retain their warm and natural grainy look if you’re looking to add character and depth to the space. Otherwise, opt for neutral and bright shades, especially if the overall decor scheme is minimalistic. Stay away from yellow, orange, and red shades, as they might make your home look antiquated. However, hardwood flooring can be quite expensive and might not always fit your budget. If that’s the case, you don’t have to compromise on your modern farmhouse’s floors, and you should go with engineered wood. Made of compressed plywood with a wood veneer on top, these flooring options can easily mimic hardwood’s natural look without burning a hole in your pocket. Better yet, they’re incredibly durable, resistant to moisture, and require low maintenance. They’re also more eco-friendly than traditional hardwood flooring, as rarer, durable hardwood is only used for the top layer of the flooring, while the rest can be made with more abundant, faster-growing materials.

Other contemporary flooring options

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If wood is not your cup of tea, you can go with more contemporary flooring options like carpets. Carpeting is a budget-friendly option that will lend a cozy touch to your modern farmhouse. Being slip-resistant and soft, they’ll insulate the subfloor and provide cushioning under feet. Additionally, they’re available in multiple colors, textures, and patterns, allowing you to choose something that suits your space. For instance, you can go with a bold color and pattern choice that will stand out. Or splurge for a luxurious rug in a neutral tone to let the decor elements do the talking. They’re also good at absorbing noise.

Another excellent — but more expensive — flooring option includes natural stone and tiles like terracotta and slate. The endless designs, patterns, and look (wood-like tiles, anyone?) will let you choose something that checks all the boxes.

Similarly, manmade flooring options like luxury vinyl tile and laminate are good choices, too. These floors are easy to install and maintain, and they’re durable and moisture-resistant. As a bonus, they can help you achieve a decadent look for your farmhouse without throwing your budget in disarray.

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