The Cabinet Material HGTV’s Jenny Marrs Swears By For A Warm And Inviting Kitchen

The Cabinet Material HGTV's Jenny Marrs Swears By For A Warm And Inviting Kitchen

The Cabinet Material HGTV’s Jenny Marrs Swears By For A Warm And Inviting Kitchen


To create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the kitchen, you need to incorporate elements that add life and have a connection to nature. Materials like wood and stone and accessories like plants and flowers are some ways to do this. Design expert Jenny Marrs knows all about creating welcoming spaces, and one of the ways she’s done this is with white oak cabinets.

On season 4 of “Fixer to Fabulous,” she worked with a couple who loved Nordic design and wanted that style for their mountain log cabin in Arkansas. She explained how she achieved this in her blog post on Dave & Jenny Marrs. “I leaned into a classic Nordic cabin inside with plenty of natural light, wood accents, and a “less is more” approach,” she said. White oak cabinets were a big part of this and were a successful move in the kitchen because the natural color and texture they added to the scene made it feel cozy. “Bringing warmth to the kitchen with gorgeous white oak cabinets,” said Jenny Marrs when sharing close-up photos of the final result on Instagram.

White oak cabinets

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“I wanted this space to have a Scandinavian vibe that feels organic, so I incorporated some natural elements into its design,” explained Jenny Marrs (via Dave & Jenny Marrs). Nordic or Scandinavian design balances both modernity and comfort because it’s all about simplicity, practicality, and maintaining a connection to nature. As one of the main elements in this style, wood is chosen for core parts of a home, like the walls and the floors, so it made sense to use it for the kitchen cabinets.

White oak, specifically, is best known for the unique beauty of its vertical grain pattern. The real-wood look of that grain is a great visual when creating a warm space because it communicates an informality that makes the space feel inviting. For this specific cabinet set, Jenny Marrs chose to use a clear sealer, which is a good finish when you want to show off the grain.

How to get it right

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“We brought in a super long cut of quartz for the island countertop and installed the gorgeous white oak cabinets around the large window to frame the beautiful view,” said Jenny Marrs on the Dave & Jenny Marrs blog. If your kitchen has a view of any trees or nature outside, white oak cabinets will act as a natural link to those elements, creating that outdoor-indoor experience that is currently trendy in design. If you don’t have a view, you can always create that atmosphere by adding dried or live plants and flowers. Hanging a plant like English ivy from the ceiling can help purify the air while growing herbs like mint or basil by the sink window puts them in a visible and convenient location.

Proper, sufficient lighting in your kitchen is very important, and the airiness it creates plays a big role in setting the mood. When paired with white oak cabinets, natural light will surely make the space feel warm and inviting. Note that if you chose a clear coat for your cabinets and the kitchen receives a lot of sunlight, you should get one with UV blocking because it will hold up longer than other finishes or paints.

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