The All-In-One Paint Tool That Can Save You Time & Decrease The Mess

The All-In-One Paint Tool That Can Save You Time & Decrease The Mess

The All-In-One Paint Tool That Can Save You Time & Decrease The Mess

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While painting may seem easy from an outsider’s perspective, anyone who endures such a task regularly knows just how messy and time-consuming the whole process can be. However, using one simple tool, as shown by @emyludesigns on TikTok, could make painting a whole lot easier. Say hello to Warner’s Green Plastic Paint Can Hook, which can be purchased from Lowe’s. The clip comes with a sharp end for opening paint can lids, a tab for cleaning paint can rims, and a magnet for holding brushes.

Not only can using this nifty little tool help you speed up the process of opening up your paint can, but it’s also a great way to prevent any unnecessary mess if you’re working with a paintbrush, since you can rest it on the magnet. Further, because the clip is made out of smooth plastic, you should be able to easily wipe any paint drips off of it, making cleanup simple. However, these aren’t the only perks of using such a product. As well as making painting easier, it’s also a complete steal at only $3, meaning that this is the perfect budget-friendly tool for a paint job that looks professional.

This paint clip has multiple uses


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Thankfully, using this paint clip is relatively easy. All you need to do is use the sharp end to carefully remove your paint can lid. This takes away the hassle of having to remove it using inconvenient measures, such as prying it open with a putty knife or a screwdriver. Once the lid is off, simply attach the clip to the edge of the can and use the magnet to hold your paintbrush between uses. This nifty item helps to provide a levitated resting place so that you can easily reach your brushes without worrying about them falling to the floor. This makes handling your brushes much easier while painting.

Further, this tool saves you from having to rest your paintbrush elsewhere, such as on the floor, where it may create a mess. And, you can position your brushes so that any extra paint drips right back into the can. In addition to placing the clip on the side of your can, you can also add it to the side of a ladder or a paint tray. Once you finish the paint job, you can also use the tool to clean the rim of the can before you place the lid back on, which will help you avoid making a mess. To do so, run the tool along the edge of the rim to remove any excess paint, then give it a quick rinse in the sink.

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