Say Goodbye To Messy Paint Drips With The Help Of One Item From Your Pantry

Say Goodbye To Messy Paint Drips With The Help Of One Item From Your Pantry

Say Goodbye To Messy Paint Drips With The Help Of One Item From Your Pantry

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As you embark upon a painting project, you’re probably prepping the area with drop cloths. After all, you don’t want messy rollers dripping paint all over your floors and carpet. Yes, you can get paint off carpets and hardwood floors, but it requires some elbow grease. Instead, a genius TikTok hack works to prevent messy paint drips in the first place, using nothing more than a Pringles can (minus the chips). If you’re already a Pringles enthusiast and have a container in your pantry, this hack won’t cost you a thing. If you do need to run to the store to purchase a can, you can do so for less than $3.

A paint splatter might go unnoticed, making it harder to remove when dry. But this hack can keep your workspace clean and your floors paint-free while repurposing a common pantry item. Although the large Pringles cans are best for regular-sized paint rollers, you can use the smaller containers if you’re working with mini rollers. You’ll also need a drill, but besides that, this hack requires very little prep.

Reuse an old Pringles can


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According to @thehomeimprovementsuk, simply grab an empty Pringles can and choose the size that best fits your paint rollers. Using a drill, bore a hole in the center of the can’s lid. If you don’t have a drill handy but have a screwdriver and a hammer, you could make a hole this way, too. Next, remove your paint roller cover from its frame and slide on the plastic lid. After you’re done painting, add your Pringles can, snapping the lid closed. Your paint roller will be tightly contained within the can.

If you don’t have a Pringles can handy, you can try a tennis ball canister. Keep in mind that they commonly contain three balls, which means you might not be able to use this hack on large rollers, but it should work fine on mini ones. If your painting project spans several days, you can even use this can for DIY Pringles paint roller storage. This makes cleanup infinitely easier and keeps your workspace prepped for the next day.

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