No Demo Reno’s Jenn Todryk Recommends Splurging On These Two Home Features

No Demo Reno's Jenn Todryk Recommends Splurging On These Two Home Features

Whether you are looking to sell your house or invest in sprucing up your own living space, home renovations are expensive and often pose budgeting challenges. In 2024, the average home renovation will cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars, depending on how invasive the renovation is. However, it is not just the cost that we must consider but also how long these remodels will take and if it will be encroaching enough that a temporary living situation needs arranging. Prioritizing specific renovation projects over others will be vital to investing your money wisely and ensuring you aren’t displaced from your home at all or longer than necessary. HGTV star Jenn Todryk of “No Demo Reno” advises her audience to keep as much of the original design as possible and to prioritize their flooring and countertops.

“I try to approach every home with a mindset of I need to look for the positives before going to the negative,” she said to “I challenge myself to decide what’s staying first because anything I can save is money in my pocket.” Flooring and countertops are two significant components in our homes that have the power to transform the look of a space completely. Furthermore, these are areas that see some of the most traffic and, therefore, the most wear and tear. Sometimes refinishing these surfaces is enough, but even if a more expensive replacement is necessary, they will be some of the brightest and most long-term investments you can make.

Invest in quality flooring

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The hit HGTV show “No Demo Reno,” starring Jenn Todryk, showcases how homeowners don’t need to break the bank or embark on massive and invasive demolition projects to remodel their homes. We can renew our homes on a budget and without gutting too much of the property by investing in new flooring. “I would say don’t go with the cheap floor,” Todryk told The Dallas Morning News. “I had floors this season [where] we walked in, and there were three levels of floors because the homeowners just kept stacking new floors on top of the existing … So good flooring, for sure, something that will last you the test of time.”

Not only will laying down new and quality flooring clean up your home more than you can imagine, but it’ll withstand years of heavy foot traffic and ensure your investment is worthwhile. Although Todryk doesn’t just warn us to purchase quality flooring, she also strongly advises spending money on professional installation when necessary. “I think during Covid and 2020, people started taking on things because they were in the home and got a little confidence in areas that they have no business having confidence in,” she says on “They took on these projects, and now the floor is buckling up because they laid their wood floors themselves, and they’ve never done it before.” Alongside hardwood floors, Todryk enjoys Luxury Plank Vinyl, which resembles natural wood but has better water and other damage-resistant properties.

Splash out on countertops

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When thinking about the home’s most essential and used areas, the kitchen is always top of mind. “As far as kitchens, I mean, we all know why that’s important,” Todryk said via The Dallas Morning News. “That’s like the hub of the home, where you spend the majority of the day really because, especially with open floor plans, your kitchen is part of your main area.” So, it is no surprise that Todryk recommends homeowners invest more money into their kitchen countertops. These surfaces are used daily and will see lots of wear, emphasizing the importance of durable and long-lasting counters. “They can totally change the look of your space in the best way possible,” she noted. “It’s something that you get to love and appreciate all the time.”

What tools does Jenn Todryk recommend?

When embarking on a house or flat renovation, equipping yourself with the right tools is essential. Based on various sources, here’s a curated list of top tools that will cover a broad range of tasks, from basic repairs to more ambitious projects:

1. Hammer: A 16-ounce smooth-faced claw hammer is versatile for driving and removing nails. Look for one with a durable fiberglass handle to reduce shock. See Details Here.

2. Circular Saw: The Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2732-20 cordless circular saw is highly recommended for woodworking projects, offering portability and power. See Details Here.

3. Battery-Powered Chainsaw: For light trimming or cutting, the Husqvarna Power Axe 350i offers great performance, noise control, and battery life. See Details Here.

4. Leaf Blower: The Ego Power+ 615 CFM Blower LB6151 is excellent for yard maintenance and powerful enough to handle large yards and patios. See Details Here.

5. Pressure Washer: For outdoor cleaning, the Westinghouse WPX3200 gas-powered pressure washer is a top choice because it is effective in cleaning various surfaces. See Details Here.

6. Cordless Drill and Drill Bits: A versatile tool for numerous projects, a quality drill and a good set of drill bits are crucial. See Details Here.

These tools provide a strong foundation for tackling various renovation tasks, whether you’re doing basic repairs, landscaping, or more intensive remodeling projects. Remember to consider the specifics of your project when choosing tools, as some tasks may require specialized equipment.

Shopping around for suitable countertops can be overwhelming, with many material options and price points available. “Really, the hot item is quartzite right now,” Todryk said. “It’s a lot different than quartz. It gets more moody. It’s got more movement, a lot of tans again, dark tans.” Quartzite countertops differ from the common go-to quartz material in that the former is a natural stone while the latter is manufactured using resin, pigments, and other reinforcing materials. Quartzite is slightly more expensive than quartz, averaging $65 to $150 per square foot. However, with the increased price, you’ll also find increased durability against heat and scratching. It’s also hard to beat quartzite’s natural, unique markings and colorations.

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