Jenn Todryk Says This ‘Annoying’ Renovation Is Totally Worth Your Time And Money

Jenn Todryk Says This 'Annoying' Renovation Is Totally Worth Your Time And Money

Jenn Todryk Says This ‘Annoying’ Renovation Is Totally Worth Your Time And Money

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When it comes to renovation, everyone’s taste is different. However, there is a particular style that HGTV star Jenn Todryk says it’s well worth saying goodbye to. Speaking to Dallas-based news source D Magazine, the design expert opened up about the one thing she recommends changing in a home — popcorn ceilings. “Unfortunately, popcorn ceilings are one of those things that just age your home the minute you walk into it. It is the sad truth,” Todryk revealed.

“Because it’s done with texture, paint can help it, but it’s still gonna be there and it’s still noticeable. It’s actually not hard to take off. I’ve done it many times now myself. It’s just really messy,” she continued. As noted by Todryk, popcorn ceilings have a distinctive look that is difficult to hide. Unlike other styles of ceilings that could potentially be painted over, the rough texture of this style means it cannot really be covered. Popcorn ceilings are also a relic of the past and could cause your home to look outdated.

Popcorn ceilings can date a home

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You may think that removing popcorn ceilings is a job that you need to call specialists in for, but this isn’t the case all the time. In the same interview with D Magazine, Todryk advised on how to remove a popcorn ceiling. “You can rent a water sprayer — you literally spray warm water on it, and it makes it wet, and then you scrape it off, but it gets everywhere. And then you have to have someone come in and retexture. So, it is simple. It’s a simple thing to do. It’s annoying to spend money on it, but I would say it’s worth it,” the design expert shared.

The cost of having someone retexture your ceiling massively varies. For example, it can cost between $130 to $440 on average to retexture a ceiling in a living room or bedroom in 2023. Of course, the final cost of this service will depend on factors like ceiling size and height as well as the condition of the ceiling. You should always reach out to a contractor to double-check figures before beginning any renovation work.

Don’t tear down your popcorn ceiling without the help of a professional

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Jenn Todryk shared how to tackle popcorn ceilings yourself, but in some cases removing a popcorn ceiling should be a task left for the pros. This is because, prior to the 1990s, many popcorn ceilings contained a mineral called asbestos. While asbestos isn’t dangerous if left untouched, you could be exposing yourself to the risk of mesothelioma cancer (cancer of the tissue surrounding organs like your lungs) if you tear down your popcorn ceiling without the help of a specialist. Asbestos isn’t found in all popcorn ceilings, but it’s vital to check.

To avoid any risk, you need to first check if your ceiling has asbestos. You can do this by hiring a specialist. Though at-home kits exist, it’s always best to contact a professional. If asbestos is found, the next step is to hire an asbestos specialist to remove it. If you attempt to do any of the above steps yourself, you could cause harm to both yourself and your family. Though it’s well worth removing your popcorn ceiling to create a fresh and modern look in your home, ensure you take the right precautions when doing so.

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