HGTV’s Leslie Davis Has The Perfect Replacement For Oversized Bathroom Cabinets

HGTV's Leslie Davis Has The Perfect Replacement For Oversized Bathroom Cabinets

HGTV’s Leslie Davis Has The Perfect Replacement For Oversized Bathroom Cabinets

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Do you have too much cabinet space in your bathroom? Consider replacing the oversized, unnecessary cabinets with a double vanity feature. HGTV’s Leslie Davis did so in an episode of “Unsellable Houses,” and when someone was blown away by how much more open the bathroom appeared, Davis said, “We took out the pantry that was here and put in a double vanity,” per Converting oversized cabinets to a double bathroom vanity can elevate your space.

So, how much will the upgrade cost? Expect to pay between about $550 and $2,600 to install a double vanity, depending on size. While that’s quite a price tag range, remember that having two vanities in one bathroom will make your home appear more luxurious, adding to the resale value whenever you decide to sell the house one day. Still, double vanities have pros and cons like any other bathroom design change, so you should understand those advantages and downsides before investing in the upgrade.

The pros and cons of a double vanity

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Even if you love Leslie Davis’ idea, you must consider various factors to determine whether a double vanity is right for your space. In addition to thinking about how double vanities lead to a more open-looking bathroom and higher resale value, ask yourself, do you live alone or with a romantic partner, friend, or roommate? If you live with someone else, a double vanity can make life significantly more convenient for you and the person living with you. The extra sink and faucet will likely prevent frustration regarding who spends more time using the vanity when someone else needs it and how clean or messy each person keeps the area. Both people will be accountable for their one vanity, preventing issues about the matter.

On the other hand, double vanities aren’t ideal for every bathroom. If your bathroom is on the smaller side and you don’t have 5 feet or more for the vanity, the two people won’t have a comfortable amount of space for using both vanities at the same time, defeating the purpose of the extra vanity. So, double vanities will lead to an overcrowded bathroom rather than a glamorous upgrade if the space is too small for the design change.

Tips for styling a double vanity

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If you decide that a double vanity is the right fit for your bathroom and you follow Leslie Davis’ advice by converting your oversized bathroom cabinets to the double vanity feature, you should carefully style the two vanities to make the bathroom appear even more luxe. For instance, a sleek way to style it is to add a cute little tray, soap dispenser, and tissue box between the two sinks — but don’t stop there. For more of a high-end statement look, put a vase with a long faux plant in the middle, incorporating more spa vibes into your bathroom. Maybe even put a candle on the little tray to add a romantic touch to the bathroom.

Or, you may want to apply a bit of contrast to the double vanity. For example, if your countertop and faucets are black and white, adding some burgundy towels and soap dispensers will bring the look to life, making it appear more unique thanks to that splash of color. While a new double vanity will open up your bathroom for an instantly more deluxe look, successful styling will take the upgrade to the next level.

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