HGTV’s Jasmine Roth Introduces A Countertop Trend That’s Bound To Take Over In 2024

HGTV's Jasmine Roth Introduces A Countertop Trend That's Bound To Take Over In 2024

HGTV’s Jasmine Roth Introduces A Countertop Trend That’s Bound To Take Over In 2024


In a Season 4 episode of HGTV’s “Help! I Wrecked My House,” Jasmine Roth introduced a countertop trend that’s tipped to take over in 2024. In the episode titled “Midcentury Coastal,” Roth renovates the home of her close friends. With a budget of $300,000, she transforms the interior and brings a sense of luxury to every space. All of her renovations are worth noting, as she completely revamps the interior of the home and adds about 5 feet to the kitchen, but what she does with the countertops in that completed kitchen could potentially become popular with more homeowners. She purposefully mixed countertop materials for variation of style, color, and texture.

The homeowners told Roth that they prefer dark colors and blacks, and Roth blended light and dark by choosing a white and gray leather-finished quartzite for the counters and black porcelain for the top of the island. Her technique not only provides a contrast in color but also utilizes two different textures. The result is interesting and visually striking. If you plan to change up your countertops in 2024, take this tip from Roth and ditch the matching materials. Instead, there are many types of countertops you can choose from, so mix them up and create an attractive kitchen that suits your needs.

Jasmine Roth blends textures and colors for a gorgeous countertop

Jasmine Roth decorating quartzite countertop


The appeal of Jasmine Roth’s kitchen design comes from variation. Though it is common for all materials to match in a kitchen, Roth sees the beauty in mixed materials. She chose a leather-finished quartzite for the perimeter counters. The leather finish is not just attractive; it’s practical, too. It does not scratch or stain like other quartz or quartzite finishes. The black porcelain of the island is smooth and mimics a more traditional countertop. She told the homeowners that it’s a sturdy surface to write or draw on, since the island is also flanked by chairs.

Roth’s use of contrasting colors makes this renovation pop. The combination of black and white is chic and eye-catching. “I’m super excited because we have two different materials. We have that leather-finished quartzite that’s going on all the perimeters, and then we also have, to kind of offset that, the really smooth, dark porcelain that’s going to be on the island,” Roth said (via Realtor).

Her trick shows you needn’t have the finest marble for a glamorous kitchen. That is why we predict mixed-material and dual-tone countertops will become a design trend in 2024. It is a unique approach to styling a room that has seen little innovation over the past few years.

Tackle the trend for 2024

Kitchen with dual-toned countertops

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Leathered quartzite is more expensive than regular quartzite. The textured finish adds about $15 to $25 dollars per square foot. Though it may cost more initially, the smooth matte surface hides imperfections and damage that may result from spills or scratches. So it’s an excellent choice for lining the tops of cabinets. You’ll be able to enjoy pristine countertops for longer.

Choose a color that speaks to you, and then find another shade that will provide high contrast. You can consult the color wheel to select a complementary shade for a kitchen island. Roth used dark porcelain in the center to match the kitchen’s black cabinets but also to offset the lighter perimeter on the kitchen counters. Should porcelain not suit your needs but still strike your fancy, you could swap it for Formica’s laminate black shale stone, available at Lowe’s for $99 per sheet. However, you don’t have to mimic Roth’s kitchen design completely to jump on the trend. By simply blending materials, textures, and colors, you can create your own version of Roth’s luxury-inspired, dual-toned countertop kitchen.

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