Easily Spray Paint Doorknobs Without Removing Them With TikTok’s Genius Trick

Easily Spray Paint Doorknobs Without Removing Them With TikTok's Genius Trick

Easily Spray Paint Doorknobs Without Removing Them With TikTok’s Genius Trick

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Though it’s easy to forget they’re there, doorknobs are a great way to add a bit of personality and interest to an otherwise simple door. Different finishes, vintage details, and unique shapes can create the perfect mix of form and function, but an outdated doorknob that needs to be replaced or a newer one that doesn’t quite match the rest of the home’s hardware can seriously detract from the look of a space. One way to solve this problem is with a coat of spray paint, but that still requires you to go through the annoying process of removing the handle to avoid painting the door. Thankfully, though, one TikToker shared a solution that helps avoid this frustration while still guaranteeing seamless results.

To use this hack yourself, all you’re going to need is some painter’s tape, a cardboard box, a knife or box cutter, and, of course, your spray paint of choice. In just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to paint your doorknob quickly, easily, and without mess.

How to do this yourself


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In her TikTok, @with.love.mercedes demonstrates how to easily spray paint a doorknob or handle without removing it first from the door. She begins by taping off the door handle. Her handle has a few sharper corners around the edge of the shape, so she tears off some shorter pieces of tape to ensure there aren’t any gaps. If you’re dealing with a rounder shape, it can be a good idea to leave a bit of tape on the door handle itself so you can trim it away for a more precise finish.

After this, she cuts a small hole in the bottom of a cardboard box, slightly larger than the area she’s planning to paint, and pokes the door handle through. Because she cut the box to size, any excess paint will end up on the tape or on the cardboard rather than on the door itself. The shape of the box also allows her to spray all sides of the doorknob without worrying about the wind blowing around the excess. After she’s done, she removes the box and the tape and is left with a perfect paint job.

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