Ditch The Gross Shower Curtain For TikTok’s Aesthetic DIY Shower Screen

Ditch The Gross Shower Curtain For TikTok's Aesthetic DIY Shower Screen

Ditch The Gross Shower Curtain For TikTok’s Aesthetic DIY Shower Screen


While shower curtains can be an important part of a design scheme that ties a bathroom together, they can also be hard to keep clean. Because of their constant exposure to moisture, they can often harbor things like mildew and mold, as well as general debris. Further, while shower doors are more streamlined, they can become subject to damage like cracking and can also get covered in dirt or rust, especially in their tracks. Instead of using a traditional curtain or shower door, recent videos from TikTok have been catching homeowners’ attention, as they’ve provided an easy-to-install alternative that’s both simple to keep clean and looks stylish. The solution is DIYing a hinged shower screen that can be created out of sheets of polycarbonate or plexiglass.

Shower screens are a type of shower cover that typically uses an adhesive frame to easily install sheets of acrylic around the perimeter (or a section) of the shower. This DIY is similar to these products, but it’s freestanding instead of being directly installed onto a shower or bathtub. Simpler to clean than a shower curtain or glass shower doors, the acrylic screen shouldn’t easily harbor mold and mildew. Additionally, this project is completely adjustable, meaning that you can make it your desired size. The clear material can also make a bathroom feel considerably larger and more open as opposed to a hanging piece of fabric that closes off part of the space.

Creating a DIY shower screen


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To create a DIY shower screen like TikTok user @savannah.wu, you will need three sheets of polycarbonate cut to your desired size, a roll of waterproof window film, PVC strips, metal hinges, and screws. Put the window film on the sheets, then attach the three pieces together with the hinges and screws to create a freestanding screen. Next, use the PVC strips to finish the edges and add decorative details like a border, a window pane-inspired design, or simple stripes. Once the project is complete, the TikTok user places it in her corner shower to block water from escaping, but this screen will also work in many other types of showers. When you want to enter and exit your shower, simply move the screen to the side and then put it back into place. To clean it, just use dish soap and water.

However, if you have a bathtub/shower combination or don’t have room for a folding screen, you could purchase the rental-friendly Squid shower screen system instead. This features an easy-to-install track that uses an adhesive backing to attach to the wall, the bottom of the shower, or the sides of the tub. It’s also leak-resistant, durable, and easy to clean, as it has less ridges than traditional sliding shower door tracks. The Squid system is available from the company’s website for $195, providing a cheaper alternative over custom shower doors.

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