Create More Storage In Your Kitchen Or Bathroom With This Cabinet Drawer DIY

Create More Storage In Your Kitchen Or Bathroom With This Cabinet Drawer DIY

Create More Storage In Your Kitchen Or Bathroom With This Cabinet Drawer DIY


We’ve all been there: overflowing drawers and small spaces prevent you from storing new products. You may also find that your countertops quickly become inundated with items better stored in a cabinet. Does this mean you have to accept a cluttered space? Absolutely not! There are tons of genius hacks to secretly add more storage to your kitchen and bathroom.

If you have false drawers as part of your cabinetry, you’ve probably wished they’d open. Thanks to an incredible hack, you can turn these fake drawers into something usable with nothing more than a tip-out drawer kit. You can purchase a two-pack on Amazon for about $27, instantly adding another drawer to your kitchen or bathroom. Although it’s a small tray, you can fit plenty of essential items in it, such as a kitchen sponge, toothbrush, cotton swabs, and more.

False drawers might seem unnecessary, but they actually increase your home’s aesthetic, especially in areas where drawers wouldn’t otherwise fit. This is even more true near sink basins and water pipes. But tip-out storage kits add the perfect amount of extra space without affecting your home’s plumbing. And since these trays are plastic and removable, you can easily pop them out should they require a thorough cleaning, making them ideal to organize your small bathroom or kitchen.

Install your tip-out drawer kit


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To carry out this incredible hack, begin by measuring the space behind the false drawer, especially if it backs up against the sink basin or plumbing. You’ll need to ensure a tip-out tray kit has enough room to open and close properly. In addition to your drawer kit, equip yourself with a screwdriver and hammer as well. Once you have all your supplies, clean out all items from the cabinet area, as it makes accessing this space that much easier. You also have to remove your false cabinet, so it’s best to place a piece of wood on the backside of it, gently tapping until the cabinet front pops loose. If you hammer directly into the back of the cabinet itself, you run the risk of ruining it. Additionally, you should use a rubber hammer, as they’re less likely to cause damage.

Once you’ve prepped your cabinet area, follow the kit’s installation instruction guide, using a pencil to mark where you plan to drill. Since you’ll attach your kit’s hinges to your cabinet frame and the false drawer, pencil lines work to streamline the process and to prevent installation errors. Once everything is installed, insert your plastic tray for instant storage.

It’s important to note that, if you’re a renter, you may want to run this hack past your landlord before giving it a whirl. Any type of permanent changes to your dwelling may affect your security deposit, so always do your due diligence before altering your cabinetry.

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