Brighten Up Your Kitchen With This Gorgeous Fixer To Fabulous-Inspired Cabinet Color

Brighten Up Your Kitchen With This Gorgeous Fixer To Fabulous-Inspired Cabinet Color

Brighten Up Your Kitchen With This Gorgeous Fixer To Fabulous-Inspired Cabinet Color


Sometimes a kitchen renovation means different floors, all stainless steel appliances, and swapping out pendants for recessed lighting. But if you want to make a strategic update, one of the most reliable and affordable renovations is the use of color. It can brighten or darken a room, make a space feel cozy, or make it feel spacious. As part of a house-wide renovation, Dave and Jenny Marrs, co-hosts of HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous,” found a gorgeous blue-gray color to take the kitchen cabinets from dated to eye-popping — yet the color is still subtle and not at all overbearing.

Although the Marrs did more than update the cabinet color — they added an island and other features — color alone can be enough to massively upgrade and modernize a kitchen. Jenny Marrs says (via, “For the cabinets, I chose a soft shade of blue-gray to brighten up the kitchen. The glazed backsplash tile looks handmade and provides a soft contrast against the quartz counters. Plus, the subtle look of the tile also allows the cabinet color to pop.” The color De Nimes from Farrow & Ball ($130 per gallon) is a calming, fairly saturated medium blue muted slightly with gray undertones. Blue kitchen cabinets are a bold statement, but the earthy quality and subdued feeling of this color makes it easy to live with.

How to make blue cabinets work in your house

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What direction does your kitchen face? Use the compass app on your smartphone and point it at the window. If you have a northern exposure, that’s cooler, indirect light, and we recommend you steer away from a paint with cool undertones. Cool-toned paint paired with cool light will get depressing pretty fast. Instead, opt for a warmer-toned grayish blue. In contrast, if your kitchen has a more southern exposure, that warm golden light does well with a cooler undertone and more muted hues.

Another consideration is finish. Traditionally, a semi-gloss lacquer is preferred for kitchen cabinets because it’s the most practical, durable, and chip-resistant option for something you use daily. Recently, there’s been a move towards muting that shine, though getting a matte finish is not recommended because it is harder to clean the surface. If you like less shine, opt for a satin finish instead of semi-gloss.

Some fabulous colors we like are Benjamin Moore’s Water’s Edge ($80 per gallon), a high-quality color similar to DeNimes; it’s a blue-gray with the merest hint of green. If you want to veer more to a gray with a slightly blue look, Clare Paint’s Set in Stone ($70) would work. Conversely, Benjamin Moore’s Flower Box ($82) is a more saturated blue with hints of gray. Once you’ve sorted out color and finish, you could use a clothes hanger hack to paint your kitchen cabinets, but consider hiring professionals for an impeccable paint job.

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