Are Door-Less Showers Going To Be The Next Big Design Trend?

Are Door-Less Showers Going To Be The Next Big Design Trend?

Are Door-Less Showers Going To Be The Next Big Design Trend?


According to the 2024 Bath Trends Report put together by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), industry experts have identified a shift towards bathrooms that feel spa-like, prioritize sustainability, and feature simple designs (via NKBA). They see this manifesting in different ways, from colors and textures to the addition and subtraction of certain features. Doorless showers are one new thing that experts expect to gain traction.

The majority of the industry professionals who contributed to the report agreed that the trend comes from the demand for a smoother flow between the shower and the other parts of the bathroom. People are looking for ways to blur the transitions in the space and eliminating shower doors can achieve that. They also noted that any accompanying glass panels are preferred to be completely clear since they reduce visual demarcations and make the whole space feel more open. A doorless shower is a great example of a feature that makes the bathroom feel spa-like, but it needs to be designed and planned well to successfully nail this.

How to make it work

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The first step is to design the shower to minimize splashing and you can do this by installing the showerhead in the direction facing away from the entrance and making the shower base spacious enough to avoid feeling like you’re too close to the wall. Note that you need a good amount of space for your shower to achieve this. If it’s too cramped, it may help to have a simple glass panel or half-door to strike a balance between having something to contain the water and maintaining that open feel. This is also useful if you need it to feel less exposed and bare.

Another way to make this work is to design your shower area like a wet room, making it able to withstand all the moisture no matter where it ends up. Choose water-resistant materials for the walls and hot mop the bathroom floor by installing a waterproof shower pan that protects it. A well-designed ventilation system is another thing that can help manage the moisture buildup and maintain proper air circulation.

The pros and cons of a doorless shower

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Doorless showers are appealing for their convenience and aesthetics. With no barriers to entry, they’re easy to enter and exit, and easy to clean and maintain a good appearance with because there are fewer surfaces where buildup can gather. The absence of a door also makes the bathroom feel more open and spacious. This is visually appealing because it creates a modern and sleek aesthetic that allows you to take more risks with other design elements. Interesting tiles, accent walls, and colors are some ideas to consider when designing a doorless shower.

Naturally, the lack of barriers to entry doubles as a con because it means more water can splash outside the shower area. Extra planning is needed to manage this. Doorless showers also mean the temperature and moisture generated aren’t contained in the shower space and will be able to impact the rest of the bathroom more. Various things make this a promising trend to hop on, but it’s necessary to address the potential challenges and optimize the design to make this work for your space.

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