10 Colors That Will Perfectly Accent A Tan Room

10 Colors That Will Perfectly Accent A Tan Room

10 Colors That Will Perfectly Accent A Tan Room


When Sherwin Williams named Redend Point their Color of the Year for 2023, you may have been intrigued by the shade. That’s also why you may have been thinking about turning a room in your home into a trendy tan-colored paradise. A neutral color that’s perfect for home décor, it’s both chic and classic as well as calming and yet full of lively potential. All you need to do to truly bring it to life is add a few accents in just the right colors.

To get the best result for your space, you first need to consider what kind of tan is in your home. Although it may seem like a simple and straightforward color, there is actually a range of tan shades. While all options are a light brown or sandy tone, some are warmer and incorporate hints of yellow or orange undertones while others lean more toward a cool gray or greige. Fotor describes some of the varieties that fall under the umbrella of tan. You might prefer Brandy which is relatively light and soothing, or Tan Brown, which is darker but wonderfully warm. You might also be drawn to Desert Tan — reminiscent of cool sand — or Windsor Tan, a choice akin to a rich-colored clay. When you figure out what shade suits your style, you can track down the ideal colors to bring out the best in your tan room.

Deep brown

tan room with brown accents


Create a gorgeous contrast by pairing a light tan room with deep brown accents. Consider using furniture that’s made from a variety of dark wood, such as ebony, walnut, and mahogany. You can also opt for framed wall art, sculptural pieces, and decorative pillows that also use deep brown tones to accentuate the tan base.

Olive green

tan room with green accents


Give your tan room an elegant touch by adding olive green accessories. A hue that can feel both cool or warm depending on how it’s used, choosing one or two olive green accents — like a throw pillow and blanket — can be a subtle way to add color to the space without being visually overwhelming.

Navy blue

tan room with blue accents

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Create a beachy atmosphere in your home by popping one or two navy blue pieces into your tan room. Giving off the same vibe as soft sand and refreshing water, the bold blue may draw the eye, but the mild tan offers the ideal background color.

Chic copper

tan room with copper-colored accents

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Take advantage of a rich earthy color by choosing copper accents for your tan room. Depending on your preference, you can pick out a few objects in a matte copper finish as well as some that are shiny. For the former, consider patterned pillows and nicknacks for your shelf. For the latter, perhaps a stylish light fixture.

Golden yellow

tan room with yellow accents

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If you like the idea of giving your tan room hints that are vibrant yet mature, then golden yellow items might pique your interest. A shade that matches the sophisticated feel of tan, you could opt for one golden yellow piece to stand out alone or pick out a range of objects in the same dynamic color.

Soft teal

tan room with teal accents

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You may think of teal as an old-school color — in fact, there are even shades called Retro Teal and Vintage Teal. However, these days, it’s being used in fabulous modern ways like chic décor. For instance, it can offer a tan room just the right amount of color while still helping to create a relaxing space.

Forest green

tan room with green accents


Thanks to tan’s natural tone, it works well with various other organic colors, including forest green. Certainly an achievable combo by using tan paint and green furniture, you can also put some real plants around the room. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always pick up faux greenery or put up a leafy print.

Vibrant yellow

tan room with yellow accents

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Despite the fact that tan is a rather passive color, you don’t have to choose accents in a shade that’s just as understated. Instead, choose something like a vibrant yellow. An arguably unexpected pairing, the intensely sunny shade can make the tan seem brighter, lighter, and warmer while giving the space a happy and playful edge.

Bright orange

tan room with orange accents


Another shade that you might not have considered for your tan room, bright orange can actually be incredibly flattering. Bringing out the warmer tones in the tan, orange can also give the space a touch of fun. This makes it a perfect choice if you want to transform a formerly adult room into one suitable for a child.

Rusty red

tan room with red accents


If you like the idea of adding orange accents to a room that’s mostly tan but want something that isn’t as vibrant — yet is just as stunning — then rusty red might be just the right shade for you. A smooth color with fiery undertones, it could work in anything from a boho-inspired loft to a modern country house.

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