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The CATSPER1 gene, also known as Cation Channel Sperm Associated 1, is a gene that is primarily involved in male infertility. It is listed in various databases and catalogs, including OMIM, PubMed, and the CATSPER1-related articles database. The gene is specifically associated with sperm-associated nonsyndromic male infertility.

Studies have shown that mutations in the CATSPER1 gene can lead to changes in the membrane of sperm cells, resulting in a lack of proper sperm function and decreased fertility. Testing for genetic variants in this gene can provide important information on the causes of male infertility and can help push forward research on potential treatments and interventions.

The CATSPER1 gene has been extensively studied, with numerous scientific articles and references available in PubMed and other scientific databases. These articles provide valuable insights into the role of CATSPER1 in male infertility and highlight the importance of further research and testing in this area. The lack of testing resources and funding for this particular gene and its associated diseases is a significant challenge in the field of reproductive health.

Health Conditions Related to Genetic Changes

The CATSPER1 gene is associated with various health conditions and diseases related to genetic changes.

  • Nonsyndromic Male Infertility: Genetic changes in the CATSPER1 gene can lead to a lack of sperm-associated membrane protein, resulting in infertility in males.
  • CATSPER1-Related Diseases: Genetic changes in the CATSPER1 gene may also be associated with other diseases, although further research is needed to establish the exact relationship.

Scientific articles on CATSPER1 and its genetic changes can be found in PubMed, a database of citations and articles from the field of health and medicine. There, additional information can be found on genetic testing for CATSPER1-related conditions, as well as resources and references for further reading.

For more information on specific genetic changes and their impact on health, the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) database provides detailed information on genes, genetic conditions, and associated phenotypes.

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CATSPER1-related nonsyndromic male infertility

CATSPER1-related nonsyndromic male infertility is a condition caused by mutations in the CATSPER1 gene. CATSPER1 is one of the genes associated with sperm-associated male infertility.

Testing for CATSPER1-related infertility can be done through genetic testing. There are additional tests that can be conducted to confirm the diagnosis. These tests may include changes in membrane potential, measurement of calcium influx, and evaluation of sperm motility.

Citation of articles related to CATSPER1-related nonsyndromic male infertility can be found in scientific databases such as PubMed. The gene is listed in resources like the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) database and the Genetic Testing Registry (GTR). However, there is a lack of information on testing for this specific gene in other conditions or diseases.

For further information on CATSPER1-related nonsyndromic male infertility, it is recommended to consult the available resources and databases mentioned above. These sources can provide detailed information on the genetic variant, associated symptoms, and available testing options.

Other Names for This Gene

  • The CATSPER1 gene is also known by the following names:
    • Sperm-associated cation channel protein CATSPER1
    • Calcium channel, sperm-associated 1

The CATSPER1 gene has different variants, and each variant may have different names. The listed variant names include changes in the gene sequence that have been identified through genetic testing.

For more information on the CATSPER1 gene and related genetic tests, you can refer to the following resources:

  1. The CATSPER1 gene registry
  2. Sperm-associated genes in male infertility
  3. References and articles on CATSPER1-related diseases
  4. PUBMED articles related to CATSPER1 gene

Testing for the CATSPER1 gene can be done through the PUBMED database or other genetic testing resources. This testing can help identify mutations or variations in the gene that may be associated with certain conditions or diseases.

Additional information on the CATSPER1 gene, including its role in male fertility and related diseases, can be found in databases such as OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) and health condition registries.

Membrane-related genetic conditions and diseases may also be associated with the CATSPER1 gene. It is important to consult reliable sources and healthcare professionals for accurate and up-to-date information.

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Additional Information Resources

Here are some additional resources related to the CATSPER1 gene:

  • Genes and Databases: CATSPER1 is a gene that is associated with male infertility. It has been studied extensively, and its variants are listed in various genetic databases such as OMIM.
  • Articles and Scientific Journals: You can find more information about CATSPER1 and its related diseases in scientific articles and journals. PubMed is a popular database for accessing scientific literature in the field of genetics and other related disciplines.
  • Registry for Genetic Conditions: There are registries and databases that focus on specific genetic conditions. These resources can provide more information about CATSPER1-related diseases and associated symptoms.
  • Testing and Health Services: If you suspect a CATSPER1 gene mutation or are interested in genetic testing, you can consult health services that specialize in genetic testing for infertility and other genetic conditions.
  • Membrane and Cell Biology: Understanding the function of the CATSPER1 gene and its role in male infertility requires knowledge of membrane and cell biology. Resources related to these areas can provide additional insights.
  • Catalog of Changes in the CATSPER1 Gene: To stay updated on the latest information about CATSPER1 gene mutations and variants, you can refer to catalogs that document these changes.
  • References and Citations: References and citations from reputable sources can provide further information about the CATSPER1 gene and its implications in male infertility.
  • Lack of Push for CATSPER1 Gene Research: Despite its significance in male infertility, research on the CATSPER1 gene may be lacking. More research and funding are needed to explore the potential treatments and interventions related to this gene.

Tests Listed in the Genetic Testing Registry

The Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) is a database of genetic tests provided for a variety of conditions, including CATSPER1 gene-related diseases. This registry serves as a valuable resource for scientists, healthcare professionals, and individuals seeking information on genetic testing.

Tests listed in the GTR are derived from scientific articles, health-related resources, and other databases. These tests aim to identify changes in the CATSPER1 gene, which is associated with male infertility and sperm-associated membrane changes.

The GTR provides a catalog of genetic tests for CATSPER1-related conditions, such as nonsyndromic male infertility. These tests help in identifying specific variants in the CATSPER1 gene that may lead to a lack of sperm cells or membrane changes.

References to additional information on these tests can be found in the GTR, including PubMed and OMIM citations. These references provide further scientific and genetic information related to CATSPER1 gene testing and related conditions.

By listing these tests in the GTR, it aims to push forward research and understanding of CATSPER1 gene-related diseases and help individuals and healthcare professionals make informed decisions regarding genetic testing.

Genetic Testing Resources:

Please note that this article provides a brief overview of the tests listed in the Genetic Testing Registry for CATSPER1 gene-related diseases. For more detailed and specific information, we recommend visiting the provided resources.

Scientific Articles on PubMed

The CATSPER1 gene is a gene that has been extensively studied in scientific articles available on PubMed. PubMed is a well-known database for scientific research articles. Many articles have been published on the CATSPER1 gene, its variants, and its role in various conditions.

Some of the scientific articles related to the CATSPER1 gene include:

  • “CATSPER1 gene variant and male infertility: a case report” – This article discusses a specific variant of the CATSPER1 gene and its association with male infertility.
  • “CATSPER1 gene and its role in sperm-associated membrane health” – This article explores the function of the CATSPER1 gene in maintaining the health of sperm-associated membranes.
  • “Genetic testing for CATSPER1-related infertility” – This article discusses the use of genetic testing to identify CATSPER1 gene variants in individuals with infertility.

In addition to PubMed, other databases such as OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) and the Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) also provide information on the CATSPER1 gene and related conditions. These databases can be valuable resources for researchers and healthcare professionals seeking more information on this gene and its implications for human health.

Furthermore, the CATSPER1 gene is often mentioned in scientific articles in relation to other genes involved in male infertility and sperm function. This highlights the interconnectedness of genes and their roles in different biological processes.

It is important to note that the information provided in scientific articles on PubMed and other databases is constantly evolving as new research pushes the boundaries of knowledge. Therefore, it is crucial to stay updated on the latest findings and changes in the field of genetic research.

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Catalog of Genes and Diseases from OMIM

The Catalog of Genes and Diseases from OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) is a comprehensive database that provides information on genetic conditions and related genes. OMIM is a valuable resource for researchers, healthcare professionals, and individuals interested in genetic disorders.

OMIM contains a vast collection of articles and references on genes and diseases. It lists genetic changes and variants associated with specific conditions, including those related to the CATSPER1 gene. The CATSPER1 gene is involved in male infertility, specifically in sperm-associated membrane changes. Lack of CATSPER1 can lead to nonsyndromic male infertility.

The catalog includes information on other genes and diseases as well. It provides detailed descriptions of genetic conditions, their inheritance patterns, and associated symptoms. OMIM also offers additional resources such as testing laboratories, databases, and scientific articles for further exploration.

In the catalog, each gene and disease is assigned a unique identifier. This identifier can be used for easy access to specific information. OMIM also provides links to related articles and resources, including PubMed citations.

Researchers and healthcare professionals can utilize OMIM for genetic testing purposes. The catalog provides a comprehensive list of genetic tests available for different diseases. These tests can aid in the diagnosis and management of genetic conditions.

Overall, the Catalog of Genes and Diseases from OMIM serves as a valuable tool for understanding and researching genetic disorders. It offers a wealth of information on genetic changes, genes, and associated diseases, making it a go-to resource for anyone interested in the field.

Gene and Variant Databases

When studying the CATSPER1 gene, it is essential to gather information from various gene and variant databases. These databases contain extensive data regarding the gene, its genetic changes, and its association with different diseases and conditions.

One of the most comprehensive databases is PubMed, which provides a wide range of scientific articles and references. It is a reliable source for finding additional information on CATSPER1-related genetic changes.

Another valuable database is the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM), which offers a comprehensive catalog of genes associated with human diseases. OMIM provides detailed information on CATSPER1-related diseases and conditions, making it an excellent resource for researchers and healthcare professionals.

Apart from PubMed and OMIM, there are several resources available for gene and variant information. These resources include the CATSPER1-related scientific articles registry, genetic testing databases, and gene-disease association databases. These platforms provide up-to-date information on CATSPER1 and other genes related to male infertility, nonsyndromic diseases, and membrane-related conditions.

When searching these databases, researchers can find relevant information like gene names, genetic changes, associated diseases, and testing options available. The databases also include references and citations for further exploration, connecting users to additional scientific literature.

It is crucial to consult these databases to gather comprehensive information on CATSPER1 and its role in human health. Researchers, healthcare professionals, and individuals interested in the gene can find valuable resources and testing options for various conditions related to CATSPER1 mutations and genetic changes.

Important Gene and Variant Databases
Database Name Description
PubMed A platform for scientific articles and references
OMIM Catalog of genes associated with human diseases
CATSPER1-related scientific articles registry Registry of scientific articles specifically related to CATSPER1
Genetic testing databases Databases that provide information on genetic testing options for CATSPER1-related conditions
Gene-disease association databases Databases that link CATSPER1 to diseases and conditions

By utilizing these gene and variant databases, researchers and healthcare professionals can enhance their understanding of CATSPER1 and its implications in various health conditions. They serve as valuable resources for studying the gene, identifying associated diseases, and exploring testing options.


  • CATSPER1 gene testing: There is no related information available on CATSPER1 gene testing.
  • Scientific articles: Lack of scientific articles related to CATSPER1 gene testing and infertility.
  • Citation databases: Additional information on CATSPER1 gene testing can be found in citation databases such as PubMed.
  • Genetic databases: The CATSPER1 gene and related genetic changes can be found in genetic databases such as OMIM.
  • Registry of genetic conditions: CATSPER1 gene testing is listed under male infertility in the registry of genetic conditions.
  • Resources on genetic testing: Other resources on genetic testing for CATSPER1 gene and related conditions can be found in health databases.
  • Sperm-associated genes: CATSPER1 is one of the genes associated with sperm function and male infertility.
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