The 6 Most Common Apple Tree Diseases and How to Prevent Them

The 6 Most Common Apple Tree Diseases and How to Prevent Them

Apple trees can struggle with numerous diseases, but don’t let that stop you from planting and enjoying these productive fruit trees right in your backyard. While apples are attacked by a variety of bacteria and fungi, there are 6 common culprits that do most of the damage. A few easy tactics will help you combat these apple tree diseases to ensure you get a bountiful harvest. The first step in the fight for fruit begins with identifying the tree disease you are dealing with. Check out the 6 profiles below to determine what disease might be attacking your tree. Then you can take the right steps to get rid of it. And before you know it, you’ll be biting into a homegrown apple.

Several apples on a tree with a disease or fungus

Apples harvested from backyard trees rarely resemble their grocery store counterparts. Expect homegrown fruit to have a few blemishes and sport some odd shapes. A wide variety of fruit sizes and unique color combinations are common too. Apples you grow yourself may look far from perfect, but their flavor more than makes up for this fact. Take a bite of a freshly picked apple and you’ll quickly taste the difference between it and a grocery store apple.

Plant Disease-Resistant Apple Cultivars

The easiest way to grow bushels of delicious apples without having to use pesticide sprays is to plant disease-resistant cultivars. Cornell University developed a helpful ranking of apple disease susceptibility so you can consider your best options at a glance. Dr. Suzanne Slack, an Extension fruit crops specialist at Iowa State University, considers resistant cultivars the very best tactic for reducing apple disease. Her favorite disease-resistant apple cultivars include ‘Crimson Crisp’, ‘Enterprise’, ‘Galarina’, ‘Goldrush’, ‘Liberty’, ‘Pristine’, and ‘Redfree’.

Types of Apples to Know for Your Fall Cooking and Baking Adventures

Common Apple Tree Diseases

There are 6 “major players” when it comes apple diseases, says Slack. Known to greatly reduce or even eliminate a harvest and weaken the tree, these diseases make apple growing a challenge. When disease does take hold, identify it early to slow the spread. And remember, plant resistant cultivars to reduce disease in general.

Most Popular Flowers & Plants in the USA

RegionPopular FlowersPopular Plants
Northeast (e.g., New York, Massachusetts)Rose, Purple Lilac, Mountain LaurelSugar Maple, American Elm, White Pine
Southeast (e.g., Florida, Georgia)Orange Blossom, Cherokee Rose, Southern MagnoliaLive Oak, Spanish Moss, Saw Palmetto
Midwest (e.g., Ohio, Illinois)Carnation, Violet, Purple ConeflowerBur Oak, Prairie Grasses, Wild Bergamot
Southwest (e.g., Texas, Arizona)Bluebonnet, Saguaro Cactus Flower, Indian PaintbrushJoshua Tree, Agave, Mesquite
West (e.g., California, Washington)California Poppy, Coast Rhododendron, BitterrootGiant Sequoia, Redwood, Manzanita
Rocky Mountain (e.g., Colorado, Montana)Rocky Mountain Columbine, Bitterroot, Indian PaintbrushBlue Spruce, Aspen, Sagebrush
Great Plains (e.g., Kansas, Nebraska)Sunflower, Goldenrod, Purple ConeflowerCottonwood, Bluestem Grasses, Buffalo Grass
Pacific Northwest (e.g., Oregon, Alaska)Oregon Grape, Forget-me-not, Pacific RhododendronDouglas Fir, Western Hemlock, Ferns

This table includes the most popular flowers and plants in the USA by region, which considers a range of botanical species, including native and widely cultivated varieties.

Most Popular Flowers & Plants in Australia

RegionPopular FlowersPopular Plants
New South WalesWaratah, Bottlebrush, Flannel FlowerEucalyptus, Acacia, Banksia
VictoriaCommon Heath, Waxflower, Pink HeathMountain Ash, Silver Wattle, Victorian Blue Gum
QueenslandCooktown Orchid, Golden Penda, Umbrella Tree FlowerMoreton Bay Fig, Macadamia Nut, Queensland Bottle Tree
South AustraliaSturt's Desert Pea, Kangaroo Paw, Eucalyptus BlossomAdelaide Blue Gum, South Australian Blue Gum, Saltbush
Western AustraliaRed and Green Kangaroo Paw, Mangles Kangaroo Paw, Swan River DaisyJarrah, Marri, Karri
TasmaniaTasmanian Blue Gum, Leatherwood Flower, Tasmanian WaratahHuon Pine, Tasmanian Oak, Myrtle Beech
Northern TerritorySturt's Desert Rose, Frangipani, Desert RoseBoab, Gidgee, Spinifex
Australian Capital TerritoryRoyal Bluebell, Australian Daisy, CorreaSnow Gum, River Red Gum, Black Mountain

This table offers a basic overview of popular flowers and plants in each Australian region, focusing on a combination of state flowers, native species, and other characteristic plants. It's important to note that specific species' popularity and prevalence can vary. This table is a simplified representation. Consulting local botanical gardens or regional horticultural societies in Australia would be ideal for more detailed and accurate information.

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