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What Types of Alcohol are in BuzzBallz?

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Everyone has their libation of choice when the clock hits five and it’s time to let loose. Pints of beer and glasses of wine are popular boozy possibilities, along with hard seltzers which have hit their stride in the last decade. But, when all of these traditional drinks start to feel a bit ho-hum, there’s still one drink on the shelf that will always bring excitement. That’s right, we’re talking about Buzzballz.

From their name — which plays off the term getting buzzed — to their iconic orb shape, BuzzBallz are easy to spot and hard to forget. Way ahead of the curve of other portable, ready-to-drink cocktails, they have been changing the game at outdoor gatherings and college parties since their release. But, have you ever stopped mid-swig to wonder what kind of alcohol is actually hiding in those colorful spheres?

Some consumers may assume they are produced using a type of malt beverage. However, all of the brand’s original cocktails are in fact made with premium spirits including tequila, vodka, rum, and sometimes a mixture of more than one like in the classic Tequila ‘Rita or Strawberry ‘Rita. The rest is made up of real fruit juices and other natural flavors.

Alternatively, the company’s more recent lines roll with a different approach. The new Chillers, for example, feature orange wine while the Mixed Drinks are actually considered malt beverages.

The story behind BuzzBallz’s unique shape and taste

BuzzBallz at summer pool party

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The brand was born when a teacher was relaxing by her pool and craving a cocktail that wouldn’t be hazardous to sip outside. So, in 2009, Merrilee Kick brought BuzzBallz to life. As for the one-of-a-kind silhouette, Kick was inspired by a glass votive that had been acquired on a family trip. The real prototype, however, would be made from plastic rather than breakable glass and would be light and buoyant enough to float.

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Then, at the crown of the vessel, a pop-top was placed. It was modeled after a tennis ball can — which Kick spotted at a sporting goods store — and allows consumers to drink from the container just like you would any other can of beer, seltzer, or soda. Of course, if you opt for one of the BuzzBallz Biggies —which stand at about seven-and-a-half times the size of a normal BuzzBall — you will alternatively find a screw-off cap at the top.

The last — and, in our opinion, most important — differentiator of this innovative brand is that it doesn’t skimp on the alcohol. If you’ve ever had one you know that this certainly holds true. Each ball stands at 15% alcohol by volume — compare that to around 7% – 13% for Cutwater Spirits’ popular canned cocktails or just 4.5% – 5% for brands like High Noon. So with BullBallz, you’re always guaranteed to have a ball. Just remember to drink responsibly.

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