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Upgrade Your Margarita with Guava

If you see a classic margarita on a restaurant menu, there’s a good chance you’ll see a few fruity versions of the drink listed right below it. Because tequila goes so well with practically any fruit, there’s no shortage of fun combinations you can whip up — and some of our favorites include blood orange and pomegranate, botanical blackberry sage, and prickly pear cactus margaritas. And yet, there are a few good reasons why you’ll want to move guava to the top of your priority list when making these cocktails this summer.

Since we eat (and drink) with our eyes first, there’s no better way to get excited about downing your beverage than infusing it with a pretty pink liquid. In fact, the fruit’s color is so vibrant that you may register your beverage as something more complex than a margarita at first glance. But the taste of guava is really what makes this variation stand out. Guavas boast a sweet, yet tangy flavor, which means your margarita won’t end up too sugary or sour. But what you will get is a refreshing, tropical twist on the classic cocktail that will cool you off whether you’re sipping on one at the beach or on your patio.

Ingredients to include for a major margarita upgrade

guavas in bowls with knife

There are two main ways to incorporate guava into your margarita: With a puree or nectar. You can easily make the former at home, and it gives you the opportunity to throw some delicious ingredients into the mix at the same time. Simply chop up your fruit (leaving the skin on if you wish), blend it up into a smooth consistency, then strain out any chunky bits. If you want, you can throw a little lime juice, Tajin seasoning, honey, or agave into your blender too. But also, feel free to simply buy a bottle of guava nectar from the store, which is essentially a juice you can use as-is.

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Then comes the fun part: Whipping up your cocktail. If you’re leveling up a basic margarita recipe, pour a little guava puree or nectar into your cocktail shaker along with all the other ingredients. Even if you are keeping it simple here, feel free to still rim your glass with lime or grapefruit juice and salt, Tajin seasoning, cayenne, chili powder, shredded coconut, lime zest, or coconut sugar. However, you can also incorporate coconut milk or water, a muddled jalapeño, grapefruit juice, club soda, or lemonade into your shaker. And if it’s a particularly sweltering day outside, go the extra mile and blend your mixture with ice to make yummy frozen margaritas.

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