Top Whiskey Stones to Enhance Your Drinking Experience

The full-bodied taste of a premium whiskey is like sipping warmth from a glass. It’s a barrel-aged burst of toasted sweetness that stings the tongue seductively. Yet there’s a long-running debate among whiskey purveyors over the best way to enjoy whiskey. Some prefer it served neat at room temperature, while others enjoy the spirit when chilled. Of course, ice dilutes whiskey as it melts — and many purists believe watering your bourbon is the proverbial nightmare. So if you’re looking to diminish the liquor’s syrupy sting without diluting its flavor, you may want to invest in a set of whiskey stones.

Whiskey stones were invented by designer Andrew Hellman in 2007 to chill the alcohol in place of actual ice cubes. The idea came to Hellman during a visit to his grandfather’s Swedish summer home when he stumbled upon a pouch filled with stones that were traditionally used to cool hot liquids. Whiskey stones are typically made with non-porous soapstone and shaped like cubes. But you’ll find a variety of products in different shapes and materials, including stainless steel and granite varieties.

Whether you’re a seasoned toaster or new to whiskey, everyone deserves a quality non-watered-down sip. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a collection of popular whiskey stones for interested consumers. Between our personal experience and online reviews — and based on several factors including price, effectiveness, and availability — here’s our list of the best whiskey stones.

Rabbit Chilling Stones

Rabbit product shot

Rabbit Store

You may be familiar with the Rabbit brand (and its original Rabbit corkscrew). But the company also offers an expanded selection of bar tools, meaning its entry into the whiskey stone business is only natural. Of course, Rabbit has developed a reputation for making quality products — and its Rabbit Chilling Stones hold up the same standard. In fact, if you’re a slow sipper? This product was made for you.

The Rabbit Chilling Stones will save you from the syrupy clutches of room-temperature whiskey without imparting a metallic taste thanks to the cooling gel on the inside. Additionally, with an average price of around $20 as of March 2024, you’ll be able to get the most out of your whiskey stones with this brand.

That being said, the item’s dull gray plastic storage case takes away from the otherwise elegant aesthetic of stainless steel. The material seems more appropriate for a headphone case than something as refined as whiskey stones. The size may be another potential downside, as these stones are jumbo and may not fit every glass.

Arra David and Anne Johnson On The Rocks Set

Sea Stones product shot

Sea Stones

For a handcrafted touch, look no further than Arra David and Anne Johnson’s On The Rocks whiskey-chilling stone set. The New England-based duo procures stones from rivers and beaches throughout the country — but replaces each stone with ones they buy from a quarry. Unsurprisingly, the same intent used when the pair collects stones from nature can be found in the quality of its On The Rocks set.

Each whiskey stone is cut from reclaimed granite and individually handcrafted. Consequently, these stones more closely resemble miniature hockey pucks rather than the typical ice cube shape. Additionally, the granite used is super dense, so you don’t have to worry about fragments breaking off into your liquor. Handcrafted beauty aside, there are a handful of downsides. For one, soapstone may not be as pretty, but it’s denser than granite (and likely able to retain coldness for longer periods as a result).

Cost may be another area of concern depending on your budget. Supporting Arra and Anne’s love for nature will run you about $50 or so — though that includes six chilling stones, a hardwood tray, and two glasses. While the hardwood tray is a bit of a headscratcher given wood tends to dry out in the freezer, the consensus is these beautiful whiskey stones do their job effectively. If you don’t mind the price tag, the On The Rocks set is an awesome gift for whiskey lovers.

Kollea Stainless Steel Whiskey Chilling Rocks

Kollea whiskey stone set on white


Kollea products are for people who enjoy whiskey but aren’t snobbish about it. From innovative (albeit cheeky) gun-shaped decanters to ones that resemble casino slot machines, the brand is all about offering something fun and unique for drinkers. Along those lines, Kollea’s Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones are an affordable set that’s chillingly good without being overly pricey. After all, with an average cost of $13.99 for eight stainless steel cubes, a pair of silicone tongs, and a small tray, it’s one of the best whiskey stone bargains out there.

Each stone is made from food-grade material and contains an interior cooling gel. If you’re unsure when to use stainless steel cubes instead of whiskey stones made from actual stone, keep in mind stainless steel varieties both cool faster and stay cold longer. Kollea whiskey stones are great for gifting, then, or for passive whiskey lovers who prefer an ice-cold spirit. However, if you prefer something fancier, there may be better options. Additionally, since the stones only appear to chill the bottom portion of a glass, your whiskey’s top layer may remain lukewarm (depending on your glass size).

To be clear, the main selling point of Kollea Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones is the low price. Then again, even if some consumers take issue with the steel’s thickness, the stones definitely work — and are an excellent budget option.

Nonley Light Up Ice Cubes

Nonley whiskey stones in glass

Nonley Store

Proof snobs may scoff at this next one. To be sure, Nonley Light Up Ice Cubes are a far cry from the sort of whiskey stones you’re accustomed to — those usually reserved for holiday parties or trendy nightclubs. These colorful faux ice cubes (which light up) are purely for those who like playfulness in their spirit. It may not be the highest quality brand, but it’s a great option for those who don’t mind bucking tradition for a cup of fun.

Nonley Light Up Ice Cubes come with 12 waterproof cubes (there’s also a 96-pack option if you’re planning a party). Each stone contains LED lights that can change into seven different colors in your glass. The cubes are made of food-safe polystyrene plastic and are equipped with sensors that activate the lights when they touch liquid (they flash, too!). With roughly 30 hours of battery time, these are sure to add a splash of color to your whiskey-drinking experience.

Plus, Nonley Light Up Ice Cubes are super affordable. The 12-pack is around $13, while the 96-pack will run you $69.99. Unless you consider adding light-up cubes to your whiskey blasphemous, there’s little downside to this brand. Between its price and vibrant aesthetic, these light-up ice cubes are fantastic for bourbon and any of your favorite beverages. As you may expect, they work best in dimly lit settings.

AMERIGO Whiskey Stones Gift Set

AMERIGO product shot


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Turning the fancy up a notch or two, AMERIGO’s Whiskey Stones Gift Set is a swanky yet affordable way to chill your whiskey. It comes in a smoothly-designed wooden box laden with engraved letters that spell out the brand name in an elegant font. Immediately eye-catching, it’s no wonder this product is such a popular gift for men.

The gift set comes fully loaded with two original whiskey glasses, eight granite whiskey stones, and a velvet pouch for storage — classy enough to impress even the most staunch sipper. The special men in your life are sure to love AMERIGO’s Whiskey Stones Gift Set — and any whiskey-lovin’ women will, too! After all, thousands of glowing reviews confirm it’s one of the best whiskey stone presents on the market. The woodwork may not have the sort of quality found in vintage items (meaning it looks fancier than it is), and at only $29.99, it isn’t made of hand-sourced granite from the coast of New England.

Additionally, some may complain about the lack of included tongs, while others have noted these whiskey stones appear to leave a film of dust in glasses. Still, those nitpicky issues shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your next whiskey on the rocks with this brand’s product, and AMERIGO’s Whiskey Stones Gift Set is still a worthwhile purchase.

Quiseen Chill Rocks

Quiseen product shot


These simple dark gray-colored whiskey stones have received rave reviews — perhaps more than any others on this list. Quiseen may be a lesser-known company that only offers a handful of products, but each is highly rated. Behind the plain look of its Chill Rocks is quality construction made from tough, non-porous soapstone. Even the name “Chill Rocks” is humble and hardly gives the impression that they’re as good as they are.

These whiskey stones come encased in a cream-colored box that looks like it should be filled with chocolates. The box contains nine Chill Rocks, stainless steel tongs, a drinking glass, and a velvet freeze pouch for the surprisingly low cost of $9.99. Of course, as is often the case, affordability comes with undesirable qualities, as well. For example, Quiseen Chill Rocks are the size of dice, which means that you’ll need to use several to cool your whiskey.

In that vein, these whiskey stones are most effective at keeping already chilled drinks cool rather than cooling down one at room temperature. Don’t fret about those concerns, though. Sometimes nice things come in small sizes (and at an exceptionally low price).

Oaksea Bullet Whiskey Stones

Oaksea product shot

Oaksea Store

Sure to put some hair on your chest — or, at the very least, a smile on the face of certain consumers — the Oaksea Bullet Whiskey Stones are loaded and ready to keep your juice chilled. In place of traditional cube-shaped stones, this brand’s whiskey stones look exactly like authentic bullets. Gold-plated and shiny, they’re made of stainless steel and have both water and cooling gel inside. Each purchase includes six stones, a storage base, and comes in a small wooden box.

The Oaksea Bullet Whiskey Stones are reasonably priced at $23.99 as of March 2024, and the bullet stones are also available in silver. Though pretty gimmicky (and not the sort of product everyone would enjoy), if you’re into whiskey, these make for a fun addition to your collection. Whether with friends or simply enjoying solo time at home, Oaksea Bullet Whiskey Stones are so cool that even non-whiskey drinkers may get a kick out of them. There aren’t many cons at this price, either. You’ll get exactly what you pay for — and who could complain about that?

Areaware Drinking Rocks

Runa Klock's Drink Rocks product shot


Created by Runa Klock — an Oslo, Norway-based designer — Drink Rocks are among the most fun-shaped whiskey stones around. Whereas ice cube, spherical, and bullet shapes are the most common stone types, Drink Rocks come in four distinct platonic shapes: a cylinder, pyramid, rectangle, and sphere. Inspired by a Scandinavian aesthetic, they look closer to minimalist art sculptures than whiskey stones.

The collection comes with four drink rocks in each set. Two are made of soapstone and two of marble, though marble whiskey stones can sometimes cost a bit more than other materials. Consequently, Drink Rocks don’t include additional accessories like a fancy wooden box, tongs, drinking glasses, or velvet pouches. It’s just four beautifully handcrafted and uniquely shaped miniature sculptures. Plus, since each rock is finished by hand, each has a distinctive characteristic.

Now, unless you’re an art snob as well as a whiskey lover? The $45 price tag may be a bit hefty for four stones and nothing else — meaning not everyone will want to shell out cash for Runa Klock’s Drink Rocks. But the top-notch quality and attention to detail found in every stone make these tiny art pieces worth it for anyone who’s equally passionate about art and whiskey (and has some extra moolah to spare).

ANNA New York Whiskey Gems

ANNA New York product shot

ANNA New York

The ANNA New York Whiskey Gems are solely for top-shelf experiences. Using these to chill anything less than, say, the best whiskeys of 2023 is sacrilege. Available in two precious stone options — amethyst and smoky quartz — these are no ordinary whiskey stones. Natural yet refined, they are not only eye-catching but intentional as well. Amethyst is believed to provide strength, while smoky quartz gems are thought to remove negativity. That means you’ll be sipping on quality for the mind, body, and soul.

Now, ANNA New York makes snooty products for snooty situations. Unlike other products on this list (which are widely available), these are mostly sold at luxury outlets like Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman at a premium $145 price tag. Still, you won’t find better-looking whiskey stones than these beauties. Six gems come in a lovely white box with gold lettering and embellishments — the type of container a diamond necklace would typically come in (and it also comes in black).

The only issue with this brand (other than the exorbitant cost) is the size. They’re closer to tiny dice than large ice cubes, which means you’ll need several in each glass. ANNA New York Whiskey Cubes may be ideal for anyone rolling in dough who has a deep love for whiskey culture. But we wouldn’t necessarily recommend spending your grocery budget on them if you’re a casual imbiber.


Whiskey on the rocks with whiskey stones

These whiskey stones were chosen based on an aggregate of online ratings and individual reviews compared against our personal experience with whiskey stones (including brands on this list). We based our collection of whiskey stones on a variety of factors. This included the availability, cost, what comes with each purchase (such as the number of stones and the storage container), presentation, and the brand’s visible consistency in making quality products.

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