Tip for Making a Delicious Breakfast Frittata in an Air Fryer

Air fryers are modern miracle appliances that not only reduce cooking times, but also deliver the flawless textural contrast of crispy exteriors and tender interiors. Veggies, meat, and fish are common ingredients to benefit from air frying, but you can apply their transformative power to even the most unexpected dishes. In fact, Look supplies a list of breakfast foods you didn’t know you could make in your air fryer, and a frittata is one of them.

Where a typical frittata recipe tends to require a stove and an oven, an air fryer is the only appliance you need. The simple tip for an easy, perfectly cooked air fryer frittata is to use a round non-stick cake pan that’ll easily fit into the appliance’s basket. An air fryer frittata will take all of 15 minutes to set at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, and will emerge with perfectly cooked veggies and eggs and a crisp top. When cooked on the stove and the oven, an oven-safe saute pan acts as the vessel for cooking, but the handle will make it too big to fit in the air fryer basket.

Cake pans are engineered to cook a liquid batter into a round, level cake and will have the same effect on a frittata. You’ll get a round, evenly cooked frittata that you can slice into wedges and serve for a nutritious breakfast.

Convert a traditional recipe into an air fryer frittata

frittata in round pan

You can easily convert a traditional frittata recipe into an air fryer frittata, to save time. It becomes a one-bowl recipe where you scramble your eggs and throw in the veggies before pouring the mixture in a greased cake pan, letting the air fryer do the rest. The easiest recipes to convert contain aromatics, mushrooms, and vegetables, particularly leafy green ones, that will easily cook in 15 minutes. This easy spinach frittata is a great candidate for your air fryer.

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If you’re making a frittata with root vegetables, or you want to bring out the fragrance of aromatics, the air fryer is still the only appliance you need. For example, this sweet potato and leek frittata¬†requires you to stir fry the leeks and sweet potatoes before adding them to the egg mixture. Instead of sauteing them, you can chop them up and cook them in the air fryer while you prepare the other ingredients. Then, adjust the temperature of the air fryer for the frittata. The air fryer will crisp the sweet potatoes and leeks for an even tastier contrast with the fluffy eggs surrounding them.

The same goes for this caprese frittata with roasted, herby tomatoes; just add the tomato halves to the air fryer first with a sprinkling of Italian seasonings and olive oil for 15 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. In the meantime, you can slice mozzarella and crack and whisk your eggs.

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