Review: Is Anyday Microwave Cookware Worth the Hype?

In a kitchen brimming with gadgets that range from complete meal solutions to revolutionary tools changing how we interact with our culinary spaces, I’m always on the hunt for something that can stretch my day a bit further. So, when Anyday reached out to me with an offer to test its microwave cookware, I was skeptical and intrigued. Having been gifted these sets for the purpose of testing, I embarked on this journey with the usual fallbacks of sandwiches or leftovers as my go-to quick meals.

What I found in the process has significantly altered how I approach lunch and other swift meal preparations. Anyday’s cookware presented a novel alternative, offering convenience and a touch of delight to my midday meals. Anyday’s cookware may be a little pricey for microwavable glasses and lids, but the price is worth it for the ease these can bring to you and your family for meal prep and cooking.

Some recommendations are based on first-hand impressions of promotional materials and products provided by the manufacturer.

What is Anyday microwave cookware?

Anyday microwavable lids

Anyday’s cookware is essentially a series of microwavable dishes designed for versatility in the kitchen. Each item combines a glass base with a lid safe for microwave use, featuring a mix of stainless steel and silicone for durability and safety. The lid includes a unique venting knob, a practical addition that allows steam to escape during cooking, which helps in cooking food evenly.

These dishes are designed with storage and convenience in mind, able to stack neatly in the cupboard. Both the dishes and lids are dishwasher safe, simplifying the cleanup process. The glass bowl is also oven-safe up to 500 F, offering flexibility beyond microwave cooking, while the lid can endure temperatures up to 400 F.

Anyday aims to shift the perception of microwaving from merely reheating leftovers to being a viable method for preparing various meals. This cookware is created for those looking to save time and energy in the kitchen, offering a simple solution for daily cooking tasks without sacrificing the quality of the meal.

Where to find Anyday’s microwave cookware

chicken and orzo in cookware

Anyday’s cookware is sold directly from its website, allowing customers to purchase complete sets or individual pieces depending on their needs. For example, I have frequently used the medium deep dish, especially for making pasta dishes, which I’ve found to be particularly convenient and effective with this cookware. The website also offers a range of accessories, such as freezer trays for portioning meals, oven mitts, carrying bags, and even microwave-safe clings for decoration.

These products are also available on Amazon, although the range might not be as comprehensive as on the Anyday site. It’s been observed that Anyday’s own platform occasionally offers discounts not available through third-party retailers. For instance, a comparison showed that an eight-piece Everyday Set was priced at $160 on Amazon, but was available for $135 on Anyday’s site. This price difference suggests that buyers might find better deals or a wider selection by purchasing directly from Anyday.

David Chang partnered with Anyday for a cookware line

David Chang Anyday cookware

Anyday offers a diverse range of cookware sets, catering to various cooking needs and preferences. The brand provided me with an eight-piece Everyday set and the 12-piece io collection for sampling. Additionally, there is a 12-piece Complete Set and the Emerald collection available. The Everyday and Complete sets come in several colorways, allowing for the personalization of your kitchenware. In contrast, the io collection, a collaboration with David Chang, is distinguished by its sleek black finish, while the Emerald collection boasts a vibrant teal, reminiscent of its namesake gemstone.

The primary distinctions among these collections lie in the quantity of dishes and lids provided, as well as the color variations. David Chang endorses the io collection and is a huge fan of microwave cooking, suggesting it as a means to invigorate kitchen aesthetics and streamline cooking processes. He advocates for the efficiency of Anyday cookware, such as using it to cook chicken while simultaneously preparing other components of a meal, thereby saving time and promoting a set-it-and-forget-it approach to cooking.

For those interested in exploring the versatility of Anyday cookware, the brand’s YouTube channel offers an array of videos featuring Chang. These videos demonstrate innovative and sometimes unexpected ways to utilize Anyday products, showcasing their functionality and potential to enhance meal preparation.

How to use Anyday’s microwave cookware

Anyday instruction book

Dani Zoeller / Look

Anyday cookware arrives equipped with a selection of recipes and detailed instructions, ensuring you can start cooking immediately. However, it won’t be long before you find yourself experimenting with Anyday’s cookware beyond the provided recipes. This exploration often begins with simple modifications, such as substituting ingredients based on the company’s recommendations or adhering to the fundamental guidelines provided. These small changes pave the way for a broader range of culinary applications.

For example, Anyday cookware can effortlessly transform into a steamer for quick and healthy vegetable dishes. Consider preparing broccoli: place a cup of broccoli florets in the Anyday dish, cover it with the lid (ensuring the venting knob is lifted), and microwave for just one to two minutes. The result is perfectly steamed broccoli that’s bright green, tender, and ready to be seasoned to your liking.

One of the standout features of cooking with Anyday is its simplicity and convenience. For most dishes, you simply place the ingredients in the cookware, cover it, and let the microwave do the rest. While some recipes may advise leaving the lid off or stirring halfway through, my experience has shown that the meals still turn out surprisingly well even when I’ve overlooked these steps. This forgiving nature of Anyday cookware makes it an invaluable tool in the kitchen, especially for those looking to streamline their cooking process without sacrificing quality.

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Cook food quickly in the microwave

garlic feta tanoato noodles

Initially, I had a fair amount of skepticism towards the idea of using Anyday cookware, particularly at the thought of microwaving pasta. The concept wasn’t exactly appetizing. However, it wasn’t long before my doubts dissolved, and I found myself fully embracing the convenience and results of microwaved meals, incorporating them into my regular lunch routine.

Take, for example, a remarkably simple pasta recipe that quickly won me over. By combining broken spaghetti noodles, cut cherry tomatoes, water, feta cheese, garlic, and a dash of salt and pepper in the Anyday dish, and microwaving it for approximately 13 minutes with the lid on (and vent open), I was able to create a dish that was both effortless and satisfying. The key was stirring the mixture afterward to blend the melted feta with the pasta water, resulting in a creamy, tomato-rich pasta that quickly became a lunchtime favorite. The true beauty of this method lies in its simplicity and efficiency. There’s no need to wait for water to boil, nor is there any need for constant supervision.

Anyday vs. Pyrex

Anyday and other glass containers

At first glance, I assumed Anyday’s glass cookware was similar to other glass options like Pyrex. However, after using these products, the differences became apparent. I’ve always considered Pyrex and brands similar to be used as leftover containers, not cooking containers like Anyday. Not to mention, when initially unboxing, I noticed that Anyday’s glass dishes are incredibly robust, with a thickness and quality that just feels different with a subtly stylish design.

The real innovation with Anyday, though, is the lid. It’s patent pending with a design allowing for safe microwave use, even though it incorporates metal with glass and silicon. This isn’t just about safety; the design cleverly traps steam, ensuring food cooks evenly and retains moisture better than typical microwave cooking might allow. Another advantage is the lid’s venting feature, which reduces the chances of messes from splatters or the occasional microwave mishap. What’s more, for those wary of microwaving in plastic due to safety concerns, Anyday offers a compelling alternative as it’s entirely plastic-free.

Taste test: Eggs cooked with Anyday vs. the stovetop

eggs cooked two ways

Anyday’s recommended scrambled eggs process begins by melting butter in the microwave, then cracking two eggs into a small Anyday dish, adding a tablespoon of mayonnaise or sour cream (I went with sour cream), and whisking. The eggs then went into the microwave, cooked in 30-second bursts, with a good whisk in between each to encourage those desirable curds. After a total of one minute, it was another 15 seconds of microwaving, a final whisk, followed by a last 20-second blast. The outcome was fluffy eggs with ideal curds.

On the flip side, to make scrambled eggs the way I usually do on the stovetop, I started by melting a pad of butter in a pan and then pouring in two pre-whisked eggs. With a silicone spatula in hand, I kept those eggs moving, constantly stirring and folding the eggs from the sides inward. As the eggs began to set, the pace picked up to prevent them from sticking or overcooking. This quick method requires constant attention to achieve that silky, just-right scramble.

Comparing the two methods, I found myself leaning towards the Anyday approach. Not only did it seem easier and even faster with fewer dirty dishes, but the texture of the eggs was also more to my liking. The Anyday method yielded a fluffier scramble with those ideal curds, whereas my traditional stovetop method produced silkier eggs.

Verdict: Is Anyday worth it?

io collection of Anyday

Yes, in my view, Anyday is definitely worth it. Having tested it with a variety of foods, I’ve found that its value increases the more I use it. The more familiar I become with the cookware, the more I experiment, finding new ways to reduce my cooking time. While I treasure the time spent in the kitchen preparing elaborate meals for my family, there are moments when efficiency takes precedence. This is where Anyday truly excels.

It’s worth noting that the price tag may seem steep at first glance, but finding these items on sale can transform them into a solid investment in time-saving. The prospect of expanding my lunch selections beyond the standard fare of leftovers and grilled cheese is especially exciting, and Anyday’s containers are helpful here. I believe this cookware holds particular appeal for parents — like myself — engaged in the daily balancing act of meal prep and child care, as well as for college students in need of straightforward, quick meal solutions. Given the widespread availability of microwaves on most dorm floors, and the minimal storage requirements — a few essentials in a mini-fridge and Anyday cookware within arm’s reach — college students can quickly prepare and enjoy a freshly-made meal without needing to visit a questionable cafeteria.

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