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The Inspired Home Show 2024 — taking place March 17-19 at McCormick Place in Chicago — will feature the latest and greatest from some your favorite cookware and kitchen brands. This massive annual home goods convention showcases some of the most common household brands, including Le Creuset of America, the name we all know and love. The renowned “colorful French companion” has been a kitchen staple since its debut in 1925, and has since expanded to include a full range of cookware, bakeware, and kitchen tools. 

And at this year’s TIHS, the brand is giving buyers a first look at its newest line of products. Le Creuset is debuting its highly anticipated outdoor cookware collection at The Inspired Home Show. This brand new collection brings the trusted quality of Le Creuset to any campfire, hiking path, or outdoor retreat. 

We’re also holding out hope that the brand may debut a new colorway at this year’s convention, adding to its growing rainbow of options. And of course, the coveted cookware line will display many of its most well-known products. 

A first look at Le Creuset’s new Alpine Outdoor cookware collection

Le Creuset outdoor cast iron skillets

Le Creuset’s latest endeavor is a three-piece, multifunctional cookware line built to bring the cooking quality of Le Creuset to the outdoors. The line includes an outdoor, double-handled skillet, a square grill basket, and an outdoor pizza pan. The Alpine Outdoor collection is made from enameled cast iron and is specifically crafted for cooking a range of foods over an open flame. The cast iron material allows for even heat distribution, and the enamel coating makes cleaning these pans simple, an important factor for outdoor cooking.

“The Alpine Outdoor Collection not only embodies Le Creuset’s commitment to delivering exceptional performance and thoughtful details but also brings a new level of versatility and functionality to outdoor cooking,” notes Christopher Scinto, Le Creuset’s senior VP of marketing and sales. From burgers and fries to eggs and bacon, and even shellfish, there’s an endless amount of dishes this collection can help you prepare with ease over a campfire.

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Will Le Creuset announce a new color?

Brioche le creuset color

Le Creuset/Facebook

Since the unveiling of its first signature color, flame, Le Creuset’s growing selection of color offerings have allowed the brand to stand out among competitors. While there’s no confirmation from the brand, it is possible Le Creuset could use The Inspired Home Show to announce another new colorway. 

This would follow the newest color added to the Le Creuset collection, Brioche, which was introduced in February 2024. Inspired by pale loaves of bread, brioche is a soft, dusty beige color. And in October 2023, Le Creuset unveiled Thyme, a deep, earthy green colorway. There isn’t a clear pattern as to when Le Creuset rolls out new colorways, but the brand typically announces two to three new colors sporadically throughout the year. 

What else is Le Creuset bringing to The Inspired Home Show?

Collection of cookware and kitchen dishes from Le Creuset

Le Creuset/Facebook

In addition to their new Alpine Outdoor collection, Le Creuset is bringing along some familiar favorites to TIHS 2024. The brand’s famous, colorful enameled cast iron cookware and stoneware lead the product pack. Less colorful but still just as beloved by the cooking community is Le Creuset’s stainless steel cookware collection. 

The brand’s new and improved Toughened Nonstick Pro line — four times stronger than standard nonstick, with a reinforced coating — will make an appearance as well. Other items Le Creuset is showcasing include its collection of silicone spatulas and placemats, and metal bakeware lines. 

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