HyperChiller: The Ultimate Solution for Perfect Iced Coffee

So you like iced coffee. Lots of folks do, as it’s easier to chug than a steaming hot cup of joe. No matter the reason, if you’re an avowed Keurig coffee system user, you likely know the problems that arise. As the machine brews one cup of coffee per pod, you are faced with either pouring the hot coffee over ice and risking over-dilution, or brewing way ahead of schedule so your coffee can cool to room temperature or below. What’s an iced coffee lover to do? The answer lies in a newish product that brings the cold without the added water, and if TikTok is any proof, people are loving it.

The HyperChiller executes on its name with aplomb. Looking a bit like a cryogenic cylinder for biological samples, this thick-walled cooler quickly brings down the temperature of the liquids inside it thanks to an ingenious design. Within those thick walls are two stainless steel chambers that the user fills with water. Pop it in the freezer for 12 hours initially to freeze it, and you’ve created some icy confines for your chilling coffee. Simply pour the freshly brewed coffee into the top and it will drain into a third chamber sandwiched between the others, allowing for maximum surface area contact. In one minute of gentle swishing, the HyperChiller will cool that coffee by over 130 degrees Fahrenheit, claims the company’s website.

A quick cool without watering things down

iced coffee

But you have to brew the Keurig pod into one vessel and then pour it into the HyperChiller, right? Not so, as its squat design allows it to fit under the dispensing nozzle of most Keurig machines. Pop in a pod, close the Keurig, and brew it directly into the already-frozen HyperChiller, which gets to work cooling things down right away.

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The great thing is that the HyperChiller works just like adding ice without the hassle and dilution. There’s no need to fish around in the ice bin or crack cubes out of a tray. And thanks to those stainless steel walls keeping the ice compartmentalized, you won’t end up with a cold cup of Keurig that tastes weak. Thankfully, cleaning is a cinch as the mechanism easily screws apart so you can rinse out the coffee chamber. The ice inside can also be reused for another cup of coffee before it needs to be refrozen, this time for about six hours.

To the question on everyone’s mind: Say it’s the end of a long day and you don’t want a cup of coffee. You want something that will help you unwind, maybe a glass of white or rosé wine, but alas all you have are room temperature bottles and you abhor adding ice to your vino. You can absolutely pour your wine into a clean HyperChiller to cool it down the same way!

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