How to Use a Cookie Scoop for Cake Decorating

From getting the right consistency to crumb coating, frosting a cake is tricky enough. But, with a humble cookie scooper, you can say goodbye to frosting fiascos and hello to your new secret weapon. This trusty tool is so handy beyond cookies that it’s about to revolutionize the way you decorate cakes in more ways than one.

One challenge of decorating a cake is ensuring that all of your carefully crafted buttercream frosting actually makes it to the cake itself. Unlike shallow spoons or flat spatulas, the cookie scoop offers a safe and efficient way to transfer that velvety frosting onto your cake. With its sturdy handle and perfectly rounded bowl, it ensures that every dollop of frosting goes exactly where you want it. There’s no more concern for awkward spills whether you are working on your initial crumb coat or building the cake up layer by layer.

The second advantage of using a cookie scoop is where this tool really shines, though. Just like you might use a cookie scoop to ensure that your cookies are the same size and bake evenly, this tool can dole out equal amounts of frosting. Let’s dig into this decorating trick.

A cookie scoop is key for consistency

cookie dough scoop close up

The true advantage of using a cookie scoop to decorate your cake is its ability to ensure uniformity. By scooping out equal amounts of frosting for each layer, you can say goodbye to lopsided cakes and hello to perfectly proportioned, stable desserts. This trick can be used for a number of decorating steps too.

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With the help of your trusty cookie scoop, you can frost your cake from bottom to top with ease, ensuring that every slice is the same. Use a single scoop of buttercream to cover each layer and lock in the cake’s moisture. You can then come back with a piping bag to create another border of frosting to add any fillings you might have in between layers. 

Once the cake is stacked, you can use the scoop to add another scoop or two on top of the cake for the crumb coating. Finally, with the initial coating complete, turn to the cookie scoop yet again to dollop more frosting on top of the cake. From here, you can use an offset spatula to work outward from the center and evenly coat the cake before chilling and continuing to decorate the layer cake. So, dust off your cookie scoop and give it a new job. With its versatile ability to make decorating a breeze, it’s the secret weapon you never knew you had on hand.

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