Brownies in a glass pan

How to Slice Perfect Brownies with a Pizza Cutter

The pizza cutter is not a one-hit wonder; it is actually the utility player in your culinary arsenal of tools you didn’t know you had. Sure, it can slice through all that beautiful crispy crust and ooey-gooey cheese and toppings, but it can also be a precision tool when it comes to slicing up your sheet pan of brownies. The ergonomic design of the pizza cutter and its wheel-like blade can make a continuous, smooth cut better than a traditional knife which may tear through the fudgy crumb of your rich and chewy treat. Your pizza cutter will glide right through your pan of brownies with accuracy and consistency.

To ensure the blade doesn’t stick, you will want to do a wash, rinse, and repeat action with some nonstick cooking spray. In between each cut spray the blade, make your incision, wipe it off, and spray it again. Repeat this routine until your brownies are cut down to the handheld square size of your choosing. Once you get the hang of using it for your brownies, you may want to use it for other baked goods.

Pastry dough, cakes, and bar cookies

Pie dough and pizza cutter

It’s important to note that you have to keep your pizza cutter sharpened or your success will be lacking. As the saying goes, take care of your kitchen tools and they will take care of you. Beyond the uniformity of size and nice and linear cuts, you are going to have a finished product that looks like it came from a bakery. The adaptability of the pizza cutter is next level. You can use it to cut up pastry dough, bar cookies, or even employ it to slice through a sheet pan cake. However, if you are dealing with a multi-layer cake, you will want to skip the pizza cutter. It doesn’t work so well when the baked good is really tall.

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That said, if you find yourself without a pizza cutter in your kitchen drawers, don’t worry, you can use a chef’s knife. Its long blade can cut straight and seamlessly through brownies and other items. But if you are going to use a chef’s knife, remember to have a tall glass of hot water nearby. You can dip your knife into this warm liquid and it will seem as if the knife melts right through your baked good.

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